Women’s hair removal brand DTC secures list in Tesco



Fledgling body care brand Flamingo continued to expand in the UK, going online to offline with a new list of retailers in Tesco stores starting this week.

Flamingo follows in the footsteps of its partner brand Harry’s, the successful men’s shaving line. The women’s body hair removal brand is one of the latest additions to a portfolio of incubator brands from Harry’s Labs, the innovation group within Harry’s Inc.

Following the launch of Flamingo’s DTC in August, the brand continues to expand its offering among national retailers. The Flamingo Razor (RRP £ 8.00), Flamingo Cartridges 4-Pack (RRP £ 8.00) and Flamingo Shave Gel (RRP £ 5.00) are launching in nearly 600 Tesco stores across the UK United.

Flamingo claims it is a disruptor in the category, with a “unique personality and premium look at affordable prices”.

Founded in the United States in 2019, Flamingo is the creation of Allie Melnick and Brittania Boey, both former Harry’s brand.

Melnick commented: “Before starting Flamingo, over a million women (including me) used Harry’s razors. We saw an opportunity to design a better hair removal experience for women, one that shows how fluidly when, where, and how women want to take care of and remove hair.

“To state the obvious, all women have body hair – but there is also this personal diversity in the way we take care of it. Focus on how you feel and what you are able to do with your body rather than how it looks. At Flamingo, we understand and celebrate this. We encourage everyone to “be more Flamingo” which basically means accepting your body.



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