With an attention to detail and an eagerness to learn, the company’s VP has made herself invaluable to the growth of the brand


Lauren Robinson is responsible for training and much more at LA Bikini

Lauren Robinson’s dedication to training and detail helps the channel succeed

I went from part-time sales associate to multi-clinic manager overseeing operations in just six months”

—Lauren Robinson

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, USA, July 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The devil is in the details. Just ask Lauren Robinson, Vice President of Corporate Training for LA Bikini, about the franchise concept that combines a new “sugar” hair removal technique with a cutting-edge business model.

Sugaring uses an all-natural sugar paste formulation to remove unwanted hair the natural way without the harsh chemicals used in outdated Brazilian hot wax. Sugar is a healthier, less painful way to remove hair that also inhibits hair growth, which helps achieve the smoothest skin possible – and a loyal customer base.

Robinson, 36, has worked for LA Bikini since it was founded in 2013 by Clay Haley. LA Bikini has been in growth mode since it began franchising in 2015. It already has locations in seven states, and its ambitious growth plan calls for 100 studios to open across the country by 2027, to eventually expand to over 300 locations.

Although using sugar to remove unwanted hair is actually an ancient technique, it took LA Bikini to find a niche with the unique service and help it stand out in a competitive industry with little differentiation. LA Bikini offers a cutting-edge business model combined with state-of-the-art technology; smaller, more efficient studio footprints that lead to lower operating costs and fewer employees; and unique membership models that offer customers special perks and savings with only a short-term commitment.

“We haven’t even reached the tip of the iceberg in the business,” Robinson said. “One of my favorite things about our brand is that we only offer one service: 100% candy. Our top five services are the LA Bikini (our version of Brazilian), Lips, Brows, Chin and Armpits. My motto is, ‘If you shave it, you should sweeten it.’ I haven’t owned a razor in 12 years! I would love to see customers sucking head to toe.

Robinson’s responsibilities run the gamut, from managing the training of new franchise owners and coordinating grand openings to working with branding and marketing companies and getting involved in the smallest details such as the approval of uniform options. And those responsibilities only scratch the surface of what Robinson does every day. Asked to describe her job and her average workday, Robinson filled an entire page and probably could have filled another.
But more importantly, Robinson made sure she knew all about LA Bikini’s foundation of business: sugar.

“After learning to sugar myself, I understood the frustrations of our initial training,” Robinson said. “LA Bikini uses a specialized technique and requires constant practice to perfect. I wanted to make sure we had a training program that prepared all of our sugar bowlers for success. After each workout I adjusted the workout program and ended up creating 27 programs to be exact! Our training ensures our sugar bowlers have all the knowledge and techniques needed to succeed in LA Bikini. We also have corporate educators who review and critique our sugar bowl techniques on a quarterly basis via Skype to ensure we maintain consistency across all of our locations.

Robinson began working for LA Bikini founder Haley when he and a business partner owned a Massage Envy franchise in Birmingham. It was simply a part-time job for Robinson, who was finishing radiology school. Robinson had only been there two days and was working the front desk when Haley arrived at the end of the day and took care of all the closing duties such as cleaning the bathrooms, the rest room and the laundry. aspiration.

“I’m sure Clay doesn’t even remember it, but it had a huge impact. I saw that he really cared about his people,” Robinson said. is the kind of person he is, not realizing that he was teaching others about true leadership. It showed everyone that they were working for someone who will appreciate them and be there when needed. .
Robinson was eventually asked to take on more responsibility and, unsurprisingly, she dove in headfirst and learned all she could about the business. “I printed all available documents and manuals. I created training workbooks for the clinic and started applying the information,” Robinson said. “I went from part-time sales associate to multi-clinic manager responsible for overseeing operations in just six months.”

While owning two Massage Envy locations, Haley also dabbled in waxing and tanning during her business partnership. That’s when a co-worker told Haley about the sugar. It was an immediate success when he offered it in his studio, called Facelogic at the time.

“We offered the sugar to all of our epilator customers as an upgrade. After a short time, no one wanted to wax,” Robinson said. “So Clay changed the name to LA Bikini. He did this as part of our branding and to help define not only our core service, but the goal was that when customers heard LA Bikini they would think “sugar” and when they heard Brazilian they would would think “wax”.

At the same time, Robinson had completed his radiology studies when Haley asked him to join LA Bikini full-time. She couldn’t have been better prepared. “When I left Massage Envy, I had converted both locations into ‘spas’. We offered a complimentary menu of services and retail product sales quadrupled. I was able to leverage my knowledge of management and operation of these franchises and applying them to LA Bikini There is a rhyme and a reason for every operation we have created and defined for the LA Bikini franchise model.

The benefits of sugaring are numerous:
• Sugaring ingredients are 100% organic and performed at body temperature without the need to apply hot wax to the skin. It is all natural and water soluble.
• Unlike waxing, sugarpaste sticks only to hair, not skin, which means less pain.
• Sugarpaste is removed in the natural direction of hair growth – unlike waxing, which removes hair against the grain – revealing beautiful, silky skin instead of irritated or inflamed.

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