Why Getting Pedicures Can Damage Your Feet


There’s always a new trend with pedicures, but HuffPost says you need to be open and honest about how you want techs to cut your nails and cuticles. “If you’re worried about an infection, don’t cut your cuticles, just keep them soft and flexible,” Washington-based dermatologist Dr. Ella Toombs told the publication. Indeed, many nail technicians will encourage you to push back your cuticles, as they look better that way.

SLC Podiatre recommends bringing your own tools for a pedicure to avoid the spread of germs since no one else will have used your personal set. After all, you don’t know how well salon tools get cleaned between uses. Another safety measure is not to shave your legs before your appointment, as minor cuts could make it easier for bacteria and viruses to enter your body.p

Dane Ulett, DPM, a podiatrist from Piedmont, recommends choosing only nail salons that drain, sanitize, and rinse foot baths between clients because dead skin and bacteria from the previous person can cause infection. When possible, you should just get a change of polish. You don’t have to boycott pedicures altogether; instead choose a good nail salon where they take safety measures to protect you and other customers. Plus, you can always check to see if they’re allowed, which you should do no matter how often you get pedicures.


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