Watch former New Yorker Rudy Giuliani shave in public restaurant



Image titled Forget how many times a person should bathe and watch Rudy Giuliani shave in a public restaurant

Photo: Spencer platt (Getty Images)

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani continues his fall from ash to trash as he was filmed shaving while eating at an airport restaurant.

I already know what you think cause it’s not even Rudy’s worst moment after her face started to melt at a press conference, but I would say shaving in a public restaurant requires some level of IDGAF more.

According to News week, the music video, which was shared by human rag Michael Rapaport, has gained over a million views.

In the clip, Giuliani can be seen sitting in a restaurant inside John F. Kennedy International Airport when he pulls out a razor and begins to shave where he once ate. I don’t want to overdo it than it should be, but that’s why we don’t eat anything at the potluck.

From Newsweek:

When sharing the video on social media, Rapaport said, “Look at Rudy Giuliani, former New York mayor, you dirty, mean, sloppy, disgusting, filthy, fucking beast animal.”

He later added, “Shave in public? Fucking pig. You should be ashamed. Lock him up.

As it turns out, the video was originally taken by Nick Weiss, who noticed that Trump’s former lawyer was eating inside the Delta One Lounge around 5:30 p.m. Sunday. The former New York mayor reportedly ate a bowl of lobster bisque.

“It took him 15 minutes to get a bowl of soup because every time he put the spoon in his mouth, half fell back into the soup. It was disgusting, ”Newsweek reports.

When finished, Giuliani then pulled out a razor and used his tablet to shave, Weiss said.

Maybe Giuliani was about to make a cameo appearance ever since he started prostituting himself on the “social media site that allows creators, namely celebrities, to post messages for a fee.”

Newsweek notes that Giuliani has reached the “I don’t care anymore” stage as he faces mounting legal fees following a lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems, which Giuliani says was hacked.

Oh, and his lawyer’s license is suspended in Washington, DC, and he can’t practice law in New York after making “patently false and misleading” statements against the legal integrity of the election, Newsweek notes.

And former President Trump is no longer hitting him with him.

Damn it, son.



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