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Vicky Pattison is back from a recent getaway, but there’s still spirit. Tuesday, the geordie coast shared a bunch of vacation snaps, including one of herself looking super fit in a red bathing suit as she soaked in a hot tub. “A few nights at @newlandslodges was precisely what the doctor ordered… 😍 We explored for miles, ate like pigs and took so many cuddles and naps!” she wrote. “Back to reality now.” keeps her so fit? Vicky Pattison’s top tips for staying fit and photos that prove they work – and to get you ready for the beach, don’t miss these essentials 30 Best Celebrity Swimsuit Photos!

Vicky revealed to Closer that she pays someone to give her advice. “I have a life coach, if you’re able to get someone like that I would definitely recommend him,” she said. “He transformed my life and he helps me make sense of everything. Talking about your day and the things you’re going through with someone who’s neutral about the situation really helps.”

“My life coach always tells me to get out into nature with the trees and get some fresh air,” the star told Closer. “I never really put a lot of weight on it until I had my dog, Milo, and just getting out for an hour every day to take him for a walk makes me a lot happier, healthier and more balanced. I advocate fresh air for everyone.”


Vicky is a fan of juices and smoothies. “I love waking up in the morning and drinking a juice, it’s a great way to start the day. I feel like I’ve managed to incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables into my diet in a very short time I’m all for protein shakes and juices Plus if you mix spinach into a protein shake you don’t really feel like you’re drinking it I totally agree to sneak fruits and veggies into my body any way she can,” she told Closer.

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Vicky told Closer that her go-to workout is weightless pilates. “After being on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins, I really looked at how I trained. All the things I used to do were weightlifting and more functional stuff. For a while, I wasn’t not really able to do it because I was pretty badly injured,” she said. “I looked for alternative methods that were less strenuous on the joints and when I found weightless Pilates, I completely fell in love with it. You look at people who do, like Chloe Lewis, Rochelle Humes and Lisa Snowdon, and their bodies are just lean, long and lush. So, yeah, I’m definitely on that fad right now. “

Vicky emphasizes the importance of self-esteem. “Honestly, I can’t advocate enough for people to be kind to themselves. As women, we’re so obsessed with figuring it all out when we’re supposed to learn and grow. We’re supposed to figure it out in the process. road and making mistakes. I would just advise people to stop feeling like they have to do everything at once, to just be kind to themselves,” she told Closer. “If you’ve had a rough day, accept it. Feel how you feel, turn off your phone, turn on Sex in the City, grab a bottle of wine, grab a chocolate bar. If that’s how you feel relax, do it. If it’s about cuddling with the boyfriend, do it. If it’s about getting out in nature and walking your dog, do it. Just do what makes you feel better and what brings you peace and do it without excuses.”

Vicky maintains a healthy diet. “My life and my schedule are super unpredictable, so having a fixed meal plan is really hard. I often find that I just have to roll with the punches rather than enjoying a fixed routine,” she said. . women’s health. “” I strongly believe that variety is the spice of life and that it is good to keep your body on its toes. “If she’s really trying to be focused,” she’ll get meals delivered.

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“I know a lot of people are advocating carb cycling, but for me, I keep it pretty simple — on the days I don’t train, I just eat a little less calories,” she said. at Women’s Health. “It’s not something I do proactively, but it’s more just a case of me not working out, I’m just not as hungry. However, that’s entirely subjective and I always try to listen to what my body wants.”

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“I avoid refined sugars and simple carbs like white bread because they’re just not necessary and they make me feel lousy and lethargic. The only exception to that is alcohol – and I’ll never give up completely. Life is for living!” she told Women’s Health.

Vicky tries to maintain a healthy diet most of the time, following the popular 80/20 eating style. “I try not to exclude the major food groups to ensure I want something is to say I can’t have it,” she added to Women’s Health. “I work out when I can, I eat healthy 80% of the time, I fight hunger pangs by carrying nuts and berries in my purse and a protein shake,” she continued. “I love Haribo and wine and I’m definitely not about to live in a world where they don’t feature in my life – balance is my mantra!”

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Vicky drinks three liters of water a day as well as juices and smoothies. She also likes green tea. According to Mayo Clinic women should drink at least 11.5 cups of water a day and men 15.5 cups. “By consuming the minimum recommended amount of water, you help your body function better and improve your overall health,” they say.


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