Torrey Craig shares Bucks knowledge to seek Suns NBA title



The Suns have an invaluable extra look at the scouting reports ahead of the NBA Finals against the Milwaukee Bucks, and it’s an advantage they will certainly put to good use.

Forward Torrey Craig was with the Bucks for the first half of the regular season before being traded to Phoenix in March. Less than four months later, he faces the team for which he played 18 games.

The circle is complete for Craig, who spent three seasons with the Denver Nuggets before starting the 2020 campaign in Milwaukee. Craig made it to the Western Conference Finals last season with the Nuggets and, less than a year later, was helping the Suns knock them out of the playoffs. Now, after a brief stint with the Bucks, he faces another of his former teams.

“Even though I played Denver longer, I was still with Milwaukee for a short time. So any advice or tips I can give on any of the guys scouting reports or the sets they lead, I will try to help in any way I can, ”Craig said on Sunday.

Craig played nearly 15 minutes for the Bucks in their 125-124 loss to the Suns in Phoenix on February 10. 11 games before being distributed to the Suns.

Phoenix had actually tried to acquire Craig during the offseason., and Craig expressed a desire to join the Suns even then. The Suns didn’t have to give up a player to get him.

Once activated to play for the Suns on March 21, he was inserted into the regular rotation off the bench and stayed there.

“Torrey has been a big part of what we’ve been doing since the moment we got him,” said Suns head coach Monty Williams. “I just threw him in the fire, and he just went over there and played. I didn’t know everything we were doing, I picked him up on the fly. But the force with which he plays, the energy he’s playing with, and then he got to do some pictures for us. So that part was huge. “

The same goes for Craig’s preview of the Bucks, as the Suns dive deep into their opponent ahead of Game 1 on Tuesday night at home.

“He was a big part of how we tackled this show from a scout report perspective because he was in Milwaukee. It’s invaluable to hear him talk about some aspect of their program,” he said. Williams said.

Phoenix Suns forward Torrey Craig (12) poses the ball against the LA Clippers in Game 3 at the STAPLES Center on June 24, 2021.

Craig played a small forward and power forward, with the Suns facing injuries in those spots upon his arrival. His defensive work and rebounds led Williams to take note of his “all-game-mark” as he looked back on the Suns’ Game 6 victory over the Clippers to win the Western Conference Championship.

“We wouldn’t be in this position if we didn’t have Torrey,” said Williams.

Craig called it wild but fun to have faced or face two former teams in one season.

“I’m just blessed to be in the situation that I am,” he said.

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Craig became a screenplay in the NBA Finals in part, too, because of the idea that he would receive a championship ring no matter which team wins the series, since he played for both. this season.

Craig was asked about it on Sunday. He left no doubt that he would win everything with the Suns.

“I’m trying to get a ring with this team. That’s all I’m focusing on,” Craig said.

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