This furniture designer creates haute couture for the home



To consider Grant tip the Tom ford custom furniture design. Much like clothing transcending fashion icon trends, the Alabama-based designer’s designs are both sleek and sexy, showcasing soft curves, plush materials, and superior craftsmanship. “I am inspired by the materials”, says Trick Home affairs. “A lot of people start with the shape of a piece of furniture, but I usually start with a fabric that speaks to me.”

Grant Trick at work in his Irondale, Alabama studioJim Larsen

Born and raised in Birmingham, he studied clothing design at the University of Alabama before embarking on a fashion career as a sportswear designer for Lafayette 148 in New York. During this time, Trick developed the pattern-making techniques and design philosophies that are central to his furniture today. “My history in clothing design is deeply rooted in my approach to furniture,” he explains. “Not only should a piece of clothing or furniture have a certain appearance, it must also give someone a certain impression. “

After a successful start in womenswear, Trick went on to land a handful of notable stints as a showroom designer and accessory maker for brands such as Nautica, Levi Strauss, and Tiffany & Co. However, It wasn’t until he started working for a top It was in San Francisco that he found his true creative calling. “I was able to familiarize myself with the process of making curtains and furniture,” he says. “I had a real moment aha that was what I was supposed to do.”

This furniture designer creates haute couture for the home

Trick’s studio receives nearly 2,000 yards of fabric each month.Jim Larsen

Motivated, Trick returned to his hometown in 2010 and started his eponymous upholstery and upholstery workshop in the nearby suburb of Irondale. In addition to offering bespoke drapery services, he began collaborating with interior designers and clients on a range of bespoke furniture. “Everything is designed with the customer in mind,” he says. “From the initial sketch to the first cut to the final finishes, I try to consider how they will actually live with the part.”

To bring his custom designs to life, Trick and his team of highly skilled craftsmen apply centuries-old artisan techniques to forge a variety of high-quality furniture accents, including inlays, tufts and nailhead trims. The designer says he immerses himself in every step of the process – from frames to cushion inserts and the fusion of comfort – to make sure each room is as welcoming as it is unique. “It could easily take five days of work to complete a single chair,” he says.

This furniture designer creates haute couture for the home

The Highland sofa and the Vale stools from the Grant Trick collectionCW Newell

What started out as a custom upholstery studio has since grown into an internationally renowned 24-person operation employing everyone from upholsterers and tailors to a member of the team solely responsible for receiving items. textile deliveries – a full-time job now that the workshop has nearly 2,000 meters of fabric each month.

Most recently, Trick unveiled its eponymous furniture collection, which includes 17 gorgeous bespoke designs, including a shapely swivel chair with extra wide (and comforting) arms and a finely hand-quilted sectional sofa. “This line was designed to stand the test of time,” he says. “It’s handcrafted, trendy and chic, whatever you want a piece of furniture to be. “

Front page image: Furniture designer Grant Trick in his studio in Irondale, Alabama | Jim Larsen



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