The best facial razors for women in Australia to say goodbye to peach fuzz and say hello to radiance



For any skincare connoisseur, noticing (the completely natural and healthy peach down) that resides all over the face feels like a rite of passage.

And although, yes, the “fluff” is quite normal, many have started to shave their faces in an attempt to mimic the dermaplanning process at home. When it comes to shaving your face regularly, it’s a much more popular skin care trend than many realize. Celebrity Skin Therapist From Kate Somerville to Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Munroe, the exfoliating trend has been around for decades.

But why? Well, in addition to removing pesky peach fluff, shaving the face also offers a light exfoliation by removing the top layer of dead skin cells. As a result, skin tone and texture can be evened out, skincare products can absorb more effectively, makeup will be smoother, and according to its fans, it even offers anti-aging benefits.

Before you grab your standard shower razor, think again. When it comes to shaving your face, a single-bladed razor is your best option. Slightly tilt the blade at a 45 degree angle and gently rub against the hair – in a downward motion – on dry skin and watch the hair fall.

As to whether the hair will grow back thicker or darker? It is important to note that hair regrowth and texture depends on your genetics, and no razor in the world can change this, which means your hair will grow back with the same thickness and texture as it did when it was first used. withdrawal. Now let go of that sigh of relief. .

For those who are concerned about cuts and nicks, don’t worry, as this is where face razors come in handy. Shaving and dermaplanning tools are made for this delicate job, which means that it is quite rare to cause bleeding in the face.

The best women’s razors to buy in Australia

Ready for hair removal? Below, we’ve rounded up the best face razors for removing peach fluff and promoting shine.


Face Defuzzers by Revlon, $ 12.95 at Myer.

Nära safety razor

Nära Safety Face and Body Razor, $ 55 at Worship beauty.

Face razors

Pack of 12 Eco-friendly Dermaplanner by Kitsch, $ 14 to Asos.

Flawless Dermaplanner

Finishing Touch Facial Epilator by FLAWLESS, $ 39.99 at Price line.

Face razors

Brushworks Precision Brow Razors, $ 10 at Beauty Bay.


Braun Mini Electric Facial Epilator, $ 38.63 at Myer.

Face razors

Super Smooth Face & Brow Razor by MCOBeauty, $ 12.95 at Showpo.

Face razor

Schick Hydro Silk Perfect Finish Kit, $ 39.99 at Chemist warehouse.



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