The best cordless screwdrivers for flat packs and fasteners



The best cordless screwdrivers make even the biggest jobs a lot easier: If you’ve ever built furniture flat with a normal screwdriver or worse, a small Allen wrench, then you’ll know how painfully some jobs can be for your people. hands. Whether it’s assembling furniture or building your own PC, a cordless screwdriver is a very handy thing to have.

Improvements in battery technology have made a big difference in how cordless screwdrivers work and how small they are: the giants that struggled with even slightly stiff screws are long gone, replaced by much more compact models with many more torque.

Which type of cordless screwdriver is best for you will depend on what you want to do with it. If, like us, you do PC building and home repair, then something small and easy to maneuver will just be the job; if you need more strength, you might want to consider something bigger and more powerful, or even a cordless drill that takes screwdriving accessories.

1. WORX WX240 screwdriver pen

This is a great tool to have in the kitchen drawer for opening up battery compartments, freeing toys from the packaging and any other small chores that tend to pop up around the house, and it’s also very useful for work such as building computers. It comes with 10 accessories, there is an LED bulb so you can see what you are doing and the speed of 300 RPM with three different torque settings can cope with all your daily tasks. It charges quickly via USB and is only slightly larger than a manual screwdriver, so you can put it in your back pocket when you don’t need it right away.

2. Bosch IXO

We’ve had one for years. Now in its sixth generation, the Bosch IXO is a brilliant wireless driver for typical household tasks such as flat lay furniture. The trigger gives you excellent control over speed, helping to avoid stripping screws or damaging materials, without reducing horsepower. You can also expand it with accessories (available separately) that turn it into a drill, corkscrew, and even a barbecue blower for better charcoal burning. It also fixes the problem that annoys us about our own IXO: the toggle switch for the screw direction is now on the top so you don’t accidentally turn it on.

3. Makita LXT 18V combination drill with accessories

Go to a construction site and you will see Makita exercises. Makita makes a lot of awesome and sturdy drill / driver, and this particular version comes with 101 accessories that include lots of screwdriver bits as well as drill bits and hole saws. The drill itself is a two-speed model with 16 torque settings, all-metal gears for durability, and an 18V battery, and it’s also quiet: 78 dB (A). If you can’t find this specific set (it’s on Toolstation at the time of writing), there are plenty of other Makita options out there. It’s overkill to put the IKEA bookcase together, but it’s the perfect partner for big jobs.

4. WORX WX176

If you are looking for a good 2-in-1 drill / driver, this well-designed model is worth considering. The Switchdriver, as Worx calls it, has two chucks: one for drilling and one for driving. Just press a button and they rotate 180 degrees, so your drill becomes a driver or your driver becomes a drill. You can then use the twelve speed motor to drill or drive and then switch again. This makes it a great option for people who build things, and because the 20V battery is compatible with other 20V power tools from Worx, it’s also pretty cost effective.

5. Bosch GO Professional cordless screwdriver

This one is exclusive to Amazon: When you buy the Bosch GO, it also comes with a 25-piece bit set. The Bosch works in two ways, either pushing the button or pressing it against the screw, and there’s an electronic brake that stops it instantly to reduce bit and screw wear. It spins up to 360 RPM for fast performance and you can choose from five different torque settings. It’s a good option for business users like electricians, and since it charges via USB, you can charge it from just about anything: phone chargers, car adapters, or whatever else you can. connect a USB cable.

6. Makita DF001DW screwdriver

That’s overkill for your kitchen, but if you’re a professional user it’s a great alternative to the Bosch GO, with a foldable handle that lets you hold it pistol-like for added comfort. It’s good for 3-5 hours of sustained use, charges via Micro USB (an AC adapter comes with it), and comes with every type of bit imaginable, including hex, posidrive, and torx screws as well as more familiar Philips and flathead options. Just be aware that there is no torque control or pressure sensitive trigger, so it’s probably too strong to put together flat MDF packs.

7.BLACK + DECKER 18V ​​Cordless 2-Speed ​​Combination Hammer Drill Power Tool with Kitbox

This rather aggressive looking drill / driver from Black & Decker offers up to 21,000 RPM for hammer drilling and up to 1,400 RPM for screwdriving, with 10 torque settings and torque control. variable speed. The 18V battery is compatible with all Black & Decker 18V power tools, allowing you to purchase other tools without a battery to save money. It’s a great all-rounder and surprisingly powerful for its relatively small size and light weight, feeling well balanced in the hand and powerful enough to tackle even fairly difficult tasks. It’s a good to have in the closet or toolbox at home.

8. Bosch Professional GSB Brushless Combination Drill / Driver

Here’s another great option for big jobs or regular use, and you can buy it with or without a battery as it is compatible with the same battery as other Bosch 18V power tools. It was designed to be as small and light as possible without sacrificing comfort or power, and it is capable of drilling up to 13mm into masonry as well as driving screws. The precision clutch and rebound control make it easy and efficient to operate, and the all-metal chuck and brushless motor are built to last. It is an attractive alternative to larger drills / drivers for serious users.



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