The 12 best women’s razors in 2022 for an exceptionally smooth shave


While days on Zoom may tempt you to forego shaving altogether, the soon-to-be-arrival of spring ushers in the desire to start fresh. The best women’s razors are designed to both deliver a perfectly smooth shave and liven up your shower space (an increasingly important space for meditation as we spend more time in our homes).

Over the past few years, a slew of startup beauty brands have redefined what the best women’s razors mean, improving the core product to be more durable and easier to use. Whether you’re looking to shave your legs, bikini line, armpits or face, these are the tools you need now.

Best razor for sensitive skin

For those with sensitive skin, using the wrong razor or shaving creams can lead to itchiness and bumps. The Athena Club razor easily bends to the curves of the body and is infused with a water-activated serum, which provides a silky smooth shave that helps prevent razor burn. Likewise, the Gillette Venus Deluxe Smooth Sensitive razor features a lubricating strip that helps protect against nicks and irritation, while its five blades glide easily over skin.

Athena Club The Razor Kit

Gillette Venus Sensitive Deluxe Smooth Razor

best safety razor

Thanks to the Oui the People’s Rose Gold razor, irritations can be avoided, especially in sensitive skin. The unique blade creates a close shave and naturally applies the perfect amount of pressure so you don’t have to overcompensate while shaving and risk razor burn by pressing down too hard. For an extra blade that will look just as chic in your shower, consider the Maapilim safety razor, a double-edged option designed for a close, smooth, bump-free shave.

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Oui the People The Single Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor

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best electric razor

The Philips electric shaver is perfect for getting a close shave. It is equipped with a hypoallergenic foil that helps protect the skin from irritants and works for a dry shave or with shaving cream. Fur’s Trimmer is a great choice for anyone looking to shave and trim all over their body, without shaving cream. Like the brand’s coveted Fur Oil, this makes grooming your next groom much easier and more personalized, with four trimmer lengths and a three-blade system, plus its cordless, water-resistant design.

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Philips SatinShave Advanced Wet & Dry cordless electric shaver

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Best facial razor

Equipped with five sharp blades, the Billie razor allows a close and precise shave. A gentle layer of charcoal soap cleans and protects while the hairs are tweezed, making it perfect for sensitive areas, like the upper lip, that need more attention to detail, although it’s also ideal for legs and armpits. (Plus, it’s available in eye-catching colors, from coral to “cool blue.”)

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Ideal for the Bikini area

Crafted from quality Swedish steel, the Flamingo razor features a flexible blade and handle that makes tackling hard-to-reach areas, such as the bikini line, a more accessible experience.

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Best Pharmacy Pickup

Joy’s five-blade razor not only provides optimal hair removal results, but also comes with a non-slip grip so even the most clumsy users don’t have to worry about dropping their razor on questionable surfaces . In addition, the integrated lubastrip protects the skin from any unwanted irritation. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with the original Gillette Venus Smooth razor. Designed with three curve-hugging blades between comfortable cushions and an ergonomic handle, this might be your easiest shave yet.

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Joy razor handle and 2 blade refill cartridges

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Gillette Venus Smooth Razor

best travel razor

Alleyoop’s Razor includes two razor blades, a mini spray bottle, and a shea butter-infused moisturizer bar – hence the name “all-in-one” – that delivers a perfect shave that protects skin while providing results.

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Alleoop all-in-one razor

Ideal for a close shave

This razor from Hanni is both chic and efficient, thanks to its pink (or burgundy) hue, twist-open top, and weighted component, which means users won’t have to press too hard on the skin to get a close shave. It not only removes hair but also dead skin cells so your aftershave products can soak into the skin for optimal hydration. It also comes with a pack of five blades so you can keep a clean shave.

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