The 10 Best Heated Gloves You Can Buy Online Right Now


We updated this guide in November 2021 to ensure that all products approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Laboratory were in stock, removing sold out and discontinued products and including updated prices.

Once the temperatures drop, our crush winter activities can start. We talk about skiing, ice fishing, sledding – and of course, many of us want to continue our daily outdoor activities, like running and motorcycling. Of course, to really enjoy these activities (and the ones that aren’t that fun, like shoveling), you need the best gear to keep you from freezing, including a good one. winter coat, winter boots and a pair of fleece lined leggings. You will also need the best heated gloves you can find if your hands and fingers tend to get too cold. ordinary gloves. We’ll see our top picks for the best heated gloves you can buy, but first, let’s break down the different types of heated gloves, the best performing material options, and other features to look for when shopping.

Types of heated gloves that keep you warm

  1. Chemically heated gloves: These gloves have a pocket where you can place an air activated disposable heating package which will warm up when taken out of its packaging. The heat lasts about eight hours before needing to be replaced. These gloves can also be worn without the heating bags.
  2. Electric or battery-powered heated gloves: Instead of needing to replace the heater packs, you will need to recharge or replace the batteries. The battery compartment is connected to a series of heating wires which are integrated into the fabric of the gloves. Most electric heated gloves have a variety of heat settings that will use different amounts of battery power. This type of heated gloves tend to be much more expensive.

What to look for when buying heated gloves

️ Adjustment: Most importantly, you’ll want to make sure your heated gloves fit properly. We recommend that you measure your hand and refer to the size chart if you buy online. For ultimate comfort, make sure you can comfortably fold your hand into a fist and your entire wrist is covered to stay warm.

✔️ Material: To stay completely warm, you’ll need to make sure the gloves are windproof and weatherproof (especially if you plan to wear them in the snow). Look for nylon or polyester blend outer shells with a soft fleece or wool inner lining. Heated gloves will vary in thickness with thinner styles better suited for outdoor work or skiing. Waterproof protection will help protect your hands from the elements, but note that they will be less breathable and may leave your hands a little sweaty.

✔️ Battery life: Most battery operated heated gloves offer rechargeable lithium batteries instead of single use. Rechargeable batteries typically provide two to ten hours of heat. For longer heating times you will need to purchase an additional set to have a replacement with you.

Based on our Good Housekeeping Institute’s The expertise of Textiles Lab’s analysts in the category as well as the rave reviews online, here are the best heated gloves to buy in 2021:

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