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The first to adopt bath rituals are amazed when I tell them that in the old days I just didn’t understand baths. My thought was, what’s attractive about soaking and creasing in a tub of water that’s essentially a pool of your own dirt? Now, of course, I realize that the real purpose of a bath isn’t really to cleanse itself. It’s bigger than that. It’s like making a cup of tea. It’s about taking a moment. It’s a matter of comfort. It is about solving the ills of life. It is rarely the tea – or the bath – per se. The bathing ritual helps calm the mind, ease tension, and clear away the day’s debris, and a good scented bath oil enhances the experience. Whatever oil you choose – lavender, for example, is wonderfully relaxing and helps sleep, rose is uplifting, eucalyptus soothes aches and pains – you can count on them to do magical things around. your mood and your joints. They’re also a shortcut to hydrated skin – so much so that you could potentially skip another layer of moisturizer after bathing. If you’re pregnant, especially in the first trimester, a word of advice: Not all essential oils – a key component of bath oils – will work, so see your doctor first. For everyone else, remember: Bath oils are not the same as any old oil, they were formulated specifically for use in the bath. So don’t expect a dash of olive oil to have the same effect.

1. Diptyque Precious Oils for Body and Bath £ 46, net-a-porter.com
2. REN Moroccan rose bath oil £ 32, renskincare.com
3. Ortigia bath oil £ 45, Libertylondon.com
4. Jo Malone Black Pomegranate Bath Oil £ 48, jomalone.co.uk
5. Aromatherapy Associates Bath and Shower Oil £ 49, aromatherapyassociates.com
6. Olverum bath oil £ 36.50, spacenk.com
7. Neal’s Yard Geranium Orange Bath Oil £ 15, nealsyardremedies.com
8. Verden bath oil £ 85, votary.co.uk
9. Susanne Kaufmann Oil bath for the senses £ 50, Libertylondon.com
10. Bamford Bath Oil £ 48, bamford.com

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