Sunderland fans mock Newcastle United over transfer window and then disaster on Saturday!


I had been amused by some of the comments I had seen from Sunderland fans about Newcastle United’s transfer window activity.

Finding endless imaginative angles to show why it supposedly ended in failure.

Negatives found for all five January signings which was quite amusing considering three of them have been regular Premier League starters this season another was a La Liga winner last season and started for England in the Euro final against Italy, while the fifth is an international midfielder for Brazil and has played for them as recently as this midweek has just passed.

I guess when you are seasoned Ligue 1 football watchers (four consecutive seasons and counting…) you should know what a good and… bad player looks like.

Things took an even more bizarre turn, when Sunderland fans went so overboard to sign a striker who will turn 40 this year, a striker who has started just three league games in the past 25 months and actually 14 months since his last league start and has scored four league goals in the last 25 months. Unable to get any starts or goals in Scotland’s weak league with Rangers 38 and 39, what can you expect now that he will soon turn 40 and play in the competition (as Sunderland fans have it) more and more found…) League One?

Some Sunderland fans have even claimed Newcastle fans were jealous and would have preferred to sign Jermain Defoe over that ‘donkey’ Chris Wood. This ‘donkey’ has scored more than 10 goals in each of the last four Premier League seasons, while the still aging Defoe finds it increasingly difficult to secure starts or league goals.

Then in addition to the above, with the transfer window now closed, Sunderland fans feel triumphant after having another manager kicked out – this time when the third top, dreaming of reclaiming failed managerial Roy Keane (who failed with Sunderland then Ipswich and haven’t been in a managerial role for 11 years) and this new era is set to begin on Saturday (today) with Jermain Defoe in the lead as the Mackems entered a formidable new era.

Final score this afternoon at the Stadium of Light, Sunderland 1 Doncaster (last in League One) Rovers 2.

As one of the Sunderland fans put it in the comments below, their balloon did indeed burst. Jermain Defoe only managed to struggle with his Zimmer frame long after the game had already been lost with just 18 minutes left and two goals down.

To make matters worse for Sunderland fans, Rotherham won and are now eight points clear (and one game behind) above Sunderland, while Wigan are second in the table and two points above the Mackems. but with four games less on the Wearsiders. MK Dons won to drop Sunderland to fourth place, while Sheffield Wednesday moved up to seventh with a game less and just five points behind the reds and whites. Leaving Sunderland fans worried they won’t even miss the play-offs now.

Yet, as you can see below, when they’re tired of completely destroying their own club and the wisdom of chasing a manager who’s done a great job of getting them to third place, they can console themselves with Newcastle’s January gravity insurance. window was, when the likes of Kiaran Trippier and Bruno Guimaraes signed up for that relegation fight and beyond…

Sunderland fans have a lot to say about the January transfer window via their Ready To Go message board:

“Burn is slow, clumsy, poor on the ball and not improving. Not entirely convinced they’ve done enough to ensure safety yet.

“I don’t think they’ve strengthened the squad significantly. Not enough to get them out of the relegation zone.

‘Mags trying to sign Matt Targett. Average is the word that comes to mind.

‘Big test for Howe. If you had a Nuno or even a Hodgson, I would say survival would be assured. I imagine Eddie’s love could quickly turn sour if progress isn’t instantaneous. It is the weak link.

“All of their January signings have question marks on them.

“Bought a bunch of old grunts and dummies for loads of money.”

‘Bruno – unknown, can’t get a game behind Fred.’

‘Reminds me of when QPR went crazy.

Sign players like Julio Cesar and Bosingwa.

“They still don’t have a goalscorer available, and in my opinion the defense is still crap, and they still have a manager who is not able to fix it.”

‘If Ashley had done that they would have played shit!!..but since their despotic owners had money…Nada!!!’

‘More England caps in little old SAFC’s team than in the richest club in the world. 57 to 41.’

“Magazines must be disappointed with this tbf window.”

“The magazines are absolutely furious that we are happy to have signed Jermaine Defoe.”

“Spot on, 10/10 transfer window for them apparently but they’re still obsessed with little old Sunderland.”

“The full-back, I have no idea. The Brazilian will be missing in many games.”

Saturday February 5, 2022 – Sunderland 1 Doncaster (League One bottom) Rovers 2 and that classic commentary followed…

“The whole team should pay back the gate money and go fuck themselves in the North Sea.”

“I think a keeper might have been a good idea in the window in hindsight.”

“Has anyone emptied a garbage bag on the ground?

‘Yes and oddly every litter has a number on it.’

“The range shows the movement of the ball better than our players.”

“All those expensive new recruits on the ffs bench…Keane would have done 3 subs at HT.”

“People come to see the challenge…we go down two to the bottom club and he’s not on the field?”

“I don’t think Keane and Defoe are going to solve this problem. Not sure Pep and Mo Salah can solve it.

‘Ahh that’ll do for me, can’t wait for the next fun episode to shove rusty sh.t covered nails into my eye sockets.’

“Why sign Defoe and bench him at 2 zero?”

“Because he’s 39 and he hasn’t played for months.”

“With Defoe, it’s like having a big movie star announced with the best poster, and then the movie starts and they’re a non-speaking extra.”

‘Absolutely bad on every level. Afraid to bring Defoe in case he gets hurt? WFT???’

“Those clowns in the dugout want to be shot.”

“I find these abdominals naive. Midfield non-existent last week and these two come and select more or less the same team. wow. 5 new recruits sat on the bench.

‘Are we cursed!!’

“No, just crap.”

“I wanted him gone, but Johnson would have won a game like this.”

‘Jermain undressing Gerrin.’

“I was hoping we would pay him enough that he didn’t need to resort to this.”

‘The club imploded in a month

Johnson manager of the month for December at that.’

‘Scripted for a Hattrick defoe here like.’

“To be brutally honest, our data-driven signings this season have been hugely disappointing.”

‘Keane is waiting to see what the team looks like. I will hardly be impressed. Will not be surprised if he does not accept the position.

“Well, it was mediocre, to say the least.”

“The balloon did indeed burst.”


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