Stella McCartney’s Oldest, Hottest Creations Are Back



Gone are the days of ultra-rare Jean Paul Gaultier knit shirts or a Dior satchel as the ultimate conversation starter. We’ve seen so many of these fancy, logomania-laden designs that we feel tired. There is not much more to say! Curiosity has faded thanks to ubiquitous food and big price tags. Instead, people are looking for sleepy eras of fashion (of course, it’s always at risk of getting oversaturated, just like the cycle). Hadid is one of them. Just a few weeks ago, she wore an ultra-luxe, but very calm, era Celine tank top when Michael Kors was at the helm.

Chloe fall 2001

Thierry orban

McCartney’s moment at Chloe’s looks like what we need right now. Women want to look sexy. Costs. Belly-bared and shoulder-showing. McCartney injected this high raunch into the French house that had long been known for its romance and femininity. McCartney has produced many sheer gold chain tank tops, halter tops and pants so tight you just want to peel them off and so low you would need laser hair removal. And as a bonus, it has a sort of subtle fashion credo. If you know, you know.

Chloe’s envy of Stella and the fun slutty attitude that goes with it seems to be on the rise. Vintage merchant Olivia Haroutounian, who has full Gen-Z following on TikTok, said, “People are going crazy for Stella pieces, especially t-shirts.” Collin James Weber and Brandon Veloria Giordano from beloved downtown vintage store James Veloria agree. (Full disclosure: I bought a Graphic Island Stella Era Chloe Tank Top from them). “People turn to her because it was so fun and sexy and the epitome of chic, rich early 2000s chic,” says Giordano.



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