Seven things that would only happen in Cornwall


There are many things that make Cornwall a unique and popular destination for millions of tourists.

There are obvious things like our quaint seaside towns and fishing villages or our rich Cornish history and fine cuisine.

But those of us who live here know that what may seem like a strange sight to some, is absolutely not surprising to the rest of us.

So we’ve put together a list of all the things that make us say “Only in Cornwall”.

Watch a surfer come home on a river wave

If someone were to ask you to think of all the ways you could get to work, you would probably have a list of them pretty quickly: car, train, bus, bike, walk, maybe even taxi.

But I bet not many of you would have said “surf”. Law? Anyone would think you were kidding if you did – unless you were from Cornwall.

Sometimes we like to mix things up and have a little fun here in Cornwall, including the often dreaded trips, and this is evidenced by the men who were spotted surfing at home on a river wave in Perranporth during the last week. It’s true, it has happened more than once.

Getting attacked by seagulls for their food

Most people who have visited – and live in – Cornwall will have a story to tell about an ordeal they experienced involving a seagull and some kind of food.

Yes, while seagulls can be found anywhere in the UK, it seems Cornwall is their breeding ground.

If you spend your summer in the county, you’re likely to see – or be – one of two types of people: the person who goes the extra mile to protect their food from attack, or the person who ends up. with just a cone in his hand as they stand in horror, watching a seagull fly away with their ice cream.

Watch a man catch a fish with his bare hands in a Trago parking lot

Looks like we just made this one up, but it really happened here in Cornwall.

Last year, PlymouthLive reported the story of an electrician who caught a salmon with his bare hands in Liskeard’s Trago Mills parking lot.

Chris Bird, rescued the fish after learning that the River Fowey had broken its bank near the huge chain store where he worked. He then posed for a photo with said salmon, before dumping it back into the river.

Cattle and tractors causing traffic delays

How many of us have ever had to make the excuse, “Sorry I’m late, I got stuck behind some sheep on the road on the way in?”

It might sound like a joke to anyone outside the county, but if you live in the countryside in Cornwall, chances are you’ve been delayed on your way to work or school at least once because of a tractor. or cattle blocking the road.

Cornwall Live has reported numerous cases of sheep wandering the road causing havoc for drivers on their journey.

Sunbathe on the beach in the snow

Cornwall is rightly famous for its beaches and many can enjoy their beauty all year round. But undressing at the beach in subzero temperatures seems a bit too far off.

During a cold front in 2018, a man from St Ives decided to use the glow of the snow to top up his tan.

Chloe posted the photo on Twitter showing the man sunbathing in the Porthminster Gap.

Pickup trucks stuck in narrow lanes

Cornwall is famous for being full of country roads that are too narrow for more than one car to pass at a time.

As they are pretty much inevitable when traveling across the county, many people have no choice but to move on.

This means that on occasion some people have to wonder if their car or van is capable of passing and most of the time people don’t realize that the answer is “no, it can’t” when it is. is too late.

A man even posted a photo on Twitter showing his new van stuck in a country lane with the #OnlyinCornwall on it.

Pick up a pâté in a pastry van

Cornwall is also known to be home to the much loved Cornish pasty. Deciding who makes the best pâté is always a hot topic of conversation and the answer usually varies depending on where you go in Cornwall, but one thing locals can always agree on is that it’s not Greggs.

Every town and village in the Duchy is guaranteed to have more than one pastry shop lining the streets, so you never wonder where to find one.

Rowes Bakery even has its own ‘pasty van’ on Dracaena Avenue in Falmouth, where you can stop for a pastry chef on your way in or out of town.

Now, if that isn’t the horniest thing you’ve ever seen, I don’t know what it is.

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