Ryobi 18V 1/4 “Wireless Finishing Router Review: Portable Woodworking Router Is Simple But Effective



The Ryobi 18V 1/4 “Wireless Finishing Router review in a nutshell: It’s an incredibly handy little tool that works well for smaller, more complex jobs, but it warps under heavy workloads.

You can be a pretty proficient handyman and never really feel the urge to use a wood router and that’s because it’s a pretty specialized tool for those who like to get serious with woodworking.

Using a rotating “bit” similar to those you might throw at the end of a corded or cordless electric drill, the best woodworking routers intelligently remove wood from a project to create perfect grooves, chamfered edges or even large holes. It’s a must-have if you love everything woody, from creating a chic new dining table to replacing the doors in your home with hand-finished numbers.

Keep in mind that the Ryobi 18V 1/4 “Wireless Finishing Router is quite clearly advertised as a finishing router, so it does not have variable speed or a diving function like those from Triton and Festool that we mention in our purchase guide.

Also, on-board motors aren’t really designed for oversized cutting heads. Instead, it works well with most 1/4 inch bits, which could be a limiting factor for your next project.

However, it does represent an incredibly simple hand-held tool for those who may be just starting out or for more professional users who need something smaller, lighter, and cordless for small repetitive tasks or more complex jobs.

Ryobi 18V Trim Router Review

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Ryobi 18V 1/4 “Wireless Finishing Router Review: Pricing and Availability

The Ryobi 18V 1/4 “Wireless Finishing Router is much more affordable than similar models from DeWalt and Festool, with an MSRP of £ 99.99 / $ 87.85 USD for the bare tool. Amazon is your best bet for picking up something and having it delivered right away.

It’s a bit more expensive to buy in Australia, where we found it for 169 USD and it costs 199 USD in New Zealand. But keep in mind that the bare tool doesn’t come with a battery, which you’ll definitely need if you want it to work, er,.

Ryobi 18V Trim Router Review

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Ryobi 18V 1/4 “Wireless Finishing Router Review: Build Quality

The Ryobi 18V 1/4 “Wireless Finishing Router has a very good weight and it has been designed to have dimpled rubber grips in any area you are likely to hold it. Without the battery it is lightweight and not particularly intimidating and feels ergonomically designed, but strap the recommended 5.0 Ah One + pack on it and it suddenly becomes quite heavy and bulky enough to hold.

The sizing adds an element of peace of mind, as the collar – the area that supports the weight of the tool’s weight – is made from die-cast aluminum and it really feels like it can withstand a bit. shots.

The on / off rocker switch also has a nice weight action and the locking mechanism for adjusting the routing height is also professional grade. On top of that, Ryobi adds a sturdy plexiglass cover, which not only protects the user but also allows great visibility when cutting, as well as LED lighting for better visibility.

There are a few areas that could be improved, however, such as the micro-adjustment dial at the top of the tool, which vibrates like crazy when the tool is turned on. It’s not that bad, but it is enough to move the bit a few millimeters up or down during long cutting projects.

Second, the latch that adjusts the aluminum collar requires adjustment after some use because it also works loose. Don’t worry, there is a nut to do it and Ryobi includes the right wrench, but it is nearly impossible to bypass said nut. You will need to locate a small set of sockets to make your life easier.

Ryobi 18V Trim Router Review

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Ryobi 18V 1/4 “Wireless Finishing Router Review: Performance

As mentioned earlier in my Bosch POF 1200 AE Wood Router review, I’m okay with a bit of general DIY but I’m not a professional carpenter so in no way have I tested this tool to its absolute limits. .

However, I do know a few people on hand with dead trees, if you know what I mean, and they can support me when I say that this makes a fantastic little cordless hand tool for light or heavy routing jobs. for those who are just starting out.

Rounding edges on countertops is a snap, and Ryobi now packs this tool with a handy edge guide to create beautifully straight grooves in anything that might need it. A friend of mine enjoys making his own homemade guitars and he liked the feeling of lightness and freedom compared to a bigger wired router that he usually goes for.

That said, it’s almost half the price of those offered by big players like DeWalt and even the Bosch Professional line, so there is a small trade-off. The overall power output and runtime can hamper larger projects, for example, while the clicky micro-adjustment dial can create headaches for those who like a millimeter-perfect finish for every job.

It’s also extremely loud to use, so it’s definitely not the kind of thing you can have fun with in a small apartment without attracting unwanted attention from neighbors.

Regardless, I still think this is a fantastic kit for the price and Ryobi has hit the nail on the head when it comes to build quality and ease of use. It smacks of quality and is precise enough for most amateur projects without breaking the bank.

Ryobi 18V Trim Router Review

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Ryobi 18V 1/4 “Wireless Finishing Router Review: What Customers Are Saying

From Amazon UK

• “Honestly, all the hand tools (Ryobi) I have had are excellent and over the past seven years of total abuse as I was renovating a house have worked flawlessly even when they were dropped from the second floor of my construction site. During all this time, a single battery also charged it despite daily use “

• “Used primarily for milling door hinge rebates using a Ryobi A99HT2 Door Hinge Installation Kit. The depth adjustment is both easy to adjust and very precise. The LED light and the plexiglass guide plate make it very easy to see where and what the cutter is cutting. The body is beautifully ergonomic, which encourages excellent hand control ”

• “Fantastic piece of equipment. It is easy to use, has been very reliable, and looks like a solid kit.

Ryobi 18V Trim Router Review

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Ryobi 18V 1/4 “Wireless Finishing Router Review: Verdict

Rave reviews from customers really say it all: Despite a few minor design oversights, this seems like a great tool for the money and one that will remain useful even as your DIY skills improve.

Even when entrusted to seasoned carpenters and woodworkers, I have only heard good things, these talented people praising its ease of use and cordless nature for the freedom and speed at which it can. perform small but repetitive tasks.

Ryobi suggests using it with the 5.0Ah battery, which can make the whole setup a bit pricey, but it’s still a lot cheaper than the more professional offerings. If you are already a Ryobi One + Battery Converter, this is a no-brainer.



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