Rock Bottom: Rudy Giuliani is a week away from waxing his back in the middle of a sweetgreen



One of the hottest questions of the past decade is not about the existence of UFOs, or who shot Kennedy, corn Rudy Giuliani and what the hell happened to him. Once “America’s mayor,” Giuliani has spent the last half a decade hitting rock bottom again and again, each time falling so far and so hard that no one would imagine things could get worse but they do. one way or another. A very brief list of situations that the former mayor-turned-attorney for Trump found himself in recently includes, but is not limited to:

  • Appear in a scene Next movie Borat: Paying a stupendous bribe to the American regime for the benefit of the once glorious nation of Kazakhstan with his hand in his pants
  • Hold a press conference outside of Four Seasons Total Landscaping, the one next to the crematorium and the sex-toy shop, in place of the Four Seasons Four Seasons
  • Holding a press conference with what appeared to be hair dye dripping all over her face
  • Search his home and office as part of a criminal investigation into his relations with Ukraine
  • Be subject to an independent Ministry of Justice probe in its relations with Turkey
  • His lawyer’s license suspended in New York and CC for electoral fraud lies
  • Losing his offer dismiss a $ 1.3 billion lawsuit against him for these fraudulent lies
  • He allegedly went bankrupt because the man he regularly humiliated himself for wouldn’t lend him money or give him the time of day

All pretty bad and really cringe! Arguably less bad and much less despicable than shaving in the middle of a restaurant where people consume food, which the former mayor decided to do for some reason. during the weekend:

Rudy Giuliani was slammed on social media after Donald trumpThe former personal attorney was seen shaving while eating at an airport restaurant. Video of the bizarre incident was shot by a traveler Nick weiss at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York and reposted by actor Michael Rapaport, who had harsh words for the former mayor of the city. “Watch those filthy disgusting bastards (Rudy Giuliani) shaving in a JFK restaurant yesterday. You nasty pig #Rudy,” he wrote.

Is Rapaport a little harsh? May be. Is this absolutely one of the most bizarre decisions Giuliani has made in his 77 years on earth, including the time he married his first cousin? Certainly. Is this literally one of the weirdest places to go for personal grooming that involves waxing? It is an indisputable fact. (You should know that according to the person who shot the video, the shaving happened within a few steps of an “really nice“bathroom. Also be aware that even if there was no bathroom nearby, this still would not be acceptable.)

Mr. Giuliani was seen inside the Delta One lounge, accessible to first and business class passengers using the airline. There he ate a bowl of lobster bisque, before they brought him chocolate brownies, Mr Weiss told

Then, instead of going to the bathroom to do his personal grooming, Mr. Giuliani took out his electric razor and began to pull himself over.



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