Physician Assistant gives practice a head start in care delivery | News


With the addition of Physician Assistant Ashley Anderson, Dr. David Waters has given his thriving practice a boost for patients visiting Platte River Foot and Ankle Surgeons in Hastings.

Anderson, a Lincoln native who recently graduated from Union College as a physician assistant after completing her undergraduate studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has seen and treated patients for non-surgical procedures at 620 N. Denver Avenue within the past six months.

Her presence allows Waters to perform surgeries away from the clinic while keeping the office doors open five days a week.

This increased accessibility gives patients additional access to the care they need when they need it.

“Ashley allows us to do more,” Waters said. “She gives us a lot more reach, another arm to be able to see anyone with any type of foot or ankle problem in the community and be more accommodating to them.

“She is a huge addition to the practice. She is super personable and friendly. Everyone who walks in and sees her loves her. It’s just an added bonus.

For her part, Anderson strives to do whatever it takes to make her patients feel comfortable and safe.

His goal is to uphold the high standards of treatment set by Waters whenever he is out of the office.

Using her gift for small talk, she strives to keep patients informed in person and over the phone, providing non-operative care that includes in-office procedures, screenings, and assisting Waters during surgeries.

“I kind of take over during the day wherever I’m needed,” Anderson said. “It’s always varied. It keeps you on your toes.

“My days at the clinic turn into in-house procedures, post-op foot visits, ultrasounds, and seeing more new patients. Whether it’s injuries or wounds, I see random things every day. I love taking the time to figure out how to make our patients’ time with us as fulfilling as possible so they feel like we’re caring for them all the time.

As she is still learning the ins and outs of foot care, she enjoys the many hands-on opportunities that come with working in a small office.

“There’s so much to learn,” she says. “Having a small staff, there are more hats to wear.”

Waters opened her practice in January 2021 and has seen a steady increase in patients since.

His scope of practice addresses most foot and ankle problems, including the correction of deformities and the treatment of arthritis, offering the latest minimally evasive treatment options available today.

From creating custom braces and orthoses to aftercare that can include nail trimming, injections, flexor tendon releases, or ingrown procedures, the clinic’s range of foot care offerings are virtually limitless. .

“We try to make it easy,” Waters said. “We are happy to treat any type of pathology or problem of the foot and ankle.

“The quality of care you will receive here is unmatched. The proof is in the pudding and speaks for itself that we provide the highest level of foot and ankle care in the Tri-Cities area.

For patients with bunions, Waters uses the latest medical procedures to get them back on their feet quickly.

The days of long recovery periods are over. In most cases, patients can literally walk away from the procedure the same day and return to work in days instead of weeks.

“The technology has just advanced so far now that we can do it through a very small incision,” Waters said. “If you’re worried about aesthetics and big, unsightly scars, we minimize those concerns too.

“We’re the only ones west of Omaha doing this (procedure), with very minimal work to the bone. We are getting very good results. Usually we just put them in a walking boot for a few weeks while the bone heals. Most of them return to work within three to five days of surgery.


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