Old deleted scene shows first clue to the movie’s big twist


Ahead of Old’s digital and Blu-ray release, a deleted scene from the film was released, giving a first clue to the big twist in the story.

A recently posted deleted scene from Old would have given a first clue to the great twist of the film had it been included in the theatrical version. M. Night Shyamalan’s Old, which is based on a graphic novel titled Sand castle, tells the story of a family who begins to age quickly after arriving on a secluded beach for their tropical vacation. The film received mixed reviews from audiences and critics alike, but proved to be a moderate box office success (at least by pandemic standards), earning just over $ 90 million.

While the movie itself may not have been as good as many Shyamalan fans expected, Old has taken on new life as memes across various social media sites, with many gently poking fun at the film’s simple and eerie premise. After his stroke of brilliance, The sixth sense, Shyamalan became known for his twist-filled films and played into that perception a lot by making sure that all of his films have at least one meaningful twist.

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With Old slated for release on digital platforms on October 5 and 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray on October 19, a new deleted scene from the film has been released to commemorate the occasion. The deleted scene, courtesy of Collider, gives the characters in the film a first clue about the horrors to come and the realization that the beach they’re on makes them old. The clue comes in the form of Trent and Guy’s swimsuits, his father, noticing that it looks smaller than before, although it had only been purchased a week earlier.

While the scene doesn’t drastically change the meaning of the film, it does provide an interesting glimpse into what could have been. Instead of giving the characters an early clue of what was to come, Shyamalan chose to cut the stage to create a longer reveal, slowly increasing tension and paranoia over time. After all, Trent’s swimsuit isn’t that small, and the size issue is subtle enough that he could easily go unnoticed by the characters.

In the end, removing the scene was probably for the best. The scene doesn’t add enough to the story to justify its own existence, and its removal allows for more shocking twists and later revelations. While Old maybe he felt halfway as a mystery / thriller and maybe didn’t live up to his premise, Shyamalan really is a filmmaker with a vision and a voice, something that feels increasingly rare nowadays. Old releases on digital platforms on October 5 and on Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD on October 19.

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Source: Collider

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