Now is the big chic Indian wedding makeover!



The big, fat Indian wedding is starting to not look big at all thanks to the lockdowns and the pandemic. Weddings have now become hybrid in nature, with a limited number of guests in attendance and many more streaming it virtually. With the focus now on the bride, groom, and immediate family, many are choosing cosmetic procedures to make sure they look their best on their big day.

Bridal radiance, courtesy clinical care

Do you know someone who is ready to walk down the aisle? Chances are they are planning to spend a lot of money on skin treatments, such as correcting pigmentations and scars. Chaitanya KJ of Maya Medi Spa says, “We have seen an increase of at least 25% in the number of people coming to correct pigmentation, acne, scars and dark circles. Interestingly, many of these people opt for such services before their big day. ”

For Ramitha, who recently married, taking care of her skin is a form of self-care, which is why she didn’t think twice about opting for clinical treatments before her wedding. “Since COVID-19, weddings are no longer big business, but more intimate and private ceremonies, with family and close friends. The pandemic has brought a lot of positive lifestyle changes for my family and I as we focus on our health. and skin care. This is why I followed clinical treatments which contributed to the radiance of my bride, ”she says.

Get that smile ready for the camera

With the skin, the other goal is a smile. Dr Amrutha of Ivory Smiles Dental Clinic tells us that she has seen a huge jump in the number of takers for smile correction. “About 80% of my smile correction and teeth whitening requests are from people who are getting married. I have seen a 50% jump in interest in such procedures since the pandemic, ”she said.

For example, the young bride Tulika Choudhary, a human resources professional, who opted for such a procedure. “My husband and I wanted our smiles corrected before our wedding. Since we weren’t spending much on the wedding – due to guest list restrictions – we wanted to spend on something that would be long term and also make us look and feel better on our wedding day. And the proof is in the photos… they are superb, ”she shares.

Skin care replaces stressful salon trips

Several trips to the salon are a staple for many bride and groom. But that involves a lot of skin-to-skin contact – something everyone wants to avoid during a pandemic. Software professional Nanditha Venugopal has found a way around this problem by opting for clinical skin treatments. “I was afraid to go to a salon before my wedding. So I looked for a clinic where there would be a minimum of human contact and where most of the treatments would be done using equipment. At first I was a little worried, but a hydra facial session worked wonders for me. I then followed the laser hair removal on my face, which assured me that I was beautiful on my wedding day, ”she shares.

Money, no bar

One would assume that the large number of people who turn to cosmetic procedures would mean that they are user friendly. But this is not the case, as experts share that those who opt for such treatments are willing to spend a lot of money. Dental procedures such as teeth whitening and smile correction can cost between Rs 30,000 and Rs 4 lakh, while most people will happily shell out up to Rs 1 lakh for skin care. And it’s not just brides who do everything they can. “It’s encouraging to see more bride and groom being encouraged to try them out by their mothers and brides-to-be,” Chaitanya adds.



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