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Flair the covers are back, and we have a great story. We first spoke to sugar boss Richelle Parchment in 2019. Since then, the organic hair removal innovator has taken important steps to secure the expansion of her JustSugar Beauty brand, both locally and internationally, including establishing another location in Kingston and setting up the necessary. preparations to start its sugar franchise abroad.

Years gone by by, men have rocked the fair sex with the promise of being its sole supplier. Much has changed since then, including pay scales. We asked women: Would you like to date a man who earns less money than you? See what they had to say.

Aviesha Palmer was used to the cookie-cutter life growing up. But that all changed once she accepted the offer to become the wife of artist-turned-soldier, Rohan ‘Zumjay’ Stephens. Fifteen years and two children later, the military’s wife, mother and professional speak of love, sacrifice and distance.

According to, “Since the COVID-19 outbreak, new data and reports from those on the front lines have shown that all types of violence against women and girls, especially domestic violence, have intensified . It is in this context that domestic violence is referred to as “the shadow pandemic” because it appears to be growing at a rate that mimics the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the week Eve’s Laws, Sherry Ann McGregor examines Jamaica’s domestic violence law and efforts to overcome the gender-based violence pandemic in Jamaica.

Finally, the soca may have been the driving force behind Bonnie Lee’s foray into fashion design on a commercial level, but the carnival costume designer will tell you, motherhood has given her a new sense of creativity and meaning. super powers to create a whole new product. For her latest business venture, she is entering the baby carrier market with her Unleashed Cub collection.



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