Mysuru Pre-University Council official withdraws “Jeans Ban” diktat after backlash



Hours after the Deputy Director of Pre-University Education of Mysuru District in Karnataka issued a circular ordering PU college employees not to wear jeans and T-shirts, she was removed due to the reaction of teaching and non-teaching staff. DK Srinivasa Murthy had asked PU college directors to implement the order and submit an action report by November 10 in the circular issued on Saturday. According to a PU speaker, college staff were amazed at the nature of the flyer. The speaker told New Indian Express, “We initially even thought it was a fake WhatsApp transfer, but our manager confirmed that the order was genuine and was issued by the DDPU. We expressed our displeasure as we believed such instructions were unnecessary. However, later that evening we were informed that the flyer had been withdrawn. “

According to the circular, the district deputy commissioner (DC) would carry out “surprise visits” to verify if the orders have been implemented. However, Mysuru DC Badagi Gautham denied being aware of the circular. He told Time of India, “I only learned about it after the DDPU issued and withdrew the circular.”

The development in Mysuru comes months after a similar incident of Pakistan’s jeans ban. Pakistan’s Federal Directorate of Education issued a notification in September this year, asking female teachers not to wear jeans or tights. The same notification prohibited male teachers from wearing jeans and T-shirts. All principals were instructed to ensure that their teaching and non-teaching staff (men and women) provide personal hygiene, including regular haircuts, beards trimming, nail trimming and use. perfume, according to a report to Dawn. By letter, the FDE also asked directors of educational institutions to ensure the implementation of the dress code. The letter explained that in addition to the premises, the dress code also extended “during official gatherings, ceremonies and meetings”.

He further added that “all teaching staff should wear teacher coats when teaching in class and lab coats while taking practical time in the labs.” weather conditions. Wear a dress shirt (long sleeves preferably with tie) and pants (cotton dress and pants only). ”He also added that while sneakers and comfortable shoes were allowed during teaching, slippers were not strictly not allowed.

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