My stepmom shares a bath with my nine year old niece



IT IS NEVER nice when you feel uncomfortable about something but don’t know whether or not you are overreacting.

Well, a man found himself in a tough spot after finding out his mother-in-law was still bathing and showering with his nine-year-old niece.


A man asked a parenting expert if he should be worried about his mother-in-law bathing with his nine-year-old niece.Credit: Getty

The man felt extremely uncomfortable with this discovery and sought advice from an expert.

The man, known as “Concerned Uncle” sent a letter to Ask Mom, to ask columnist and parenting expert Emily Edlynn what she thinks of the situation.

He said: “My mother-in-law always takes her bath and shower with my 9 year old niece.

“I find that very strange.

“When I tell my partner about it, he tells me he’s close. “

“Is this strange and should I tell my in-laws something?” “

In response to the man’s concern, Emily the expert confesses that her first reaction was “yes, that’s weird”.

But she revealed that when she “took a step back” she realized that the situation is actually much more complex than it appears and that we are often “too quick to associate the nudity to sexuality, and sexuality as a taboo, therefore nudity = taboo ”.

Emily said: “Looking outside the lens of our culture, I changed my response from a more thoughtful way to ‘no, that’s not strange. “

“The storyline also raises some interesting considerations about how we teach our children about bodies and limits.

“Nudity between strangers reigns in certain environments, such as changing rooms, spas and French beaches.

“As my children have become more intimate with age, I explained that there will be situations in their future where they will undress in front of others, and this should not be embarrassing or ‘inappropriate’.

“As parents, we must seek these opportunities to distinguish naked bodies from sex.

“In fact, as crop tops have become the style of the day, I intentionally didn’t make a problem for my daughters to wear their bellies all summer because I didn’t want to sexualize their young bellies.

“Nudity and display of body parts doesn’t have to equal sex, despite the American lean in that direction.”


Emily continued to share her take on the situation and said, “Assuming you don’t worry about sexual abuse, I would recommend doing what I did – think more about your own reaction.

“As this happens between family members outside of your nuclear family, it does not seem to warrant your intervention.

“You make decisions for your family based on everyone’s comfort level, and other families will make their own choices.

“As long as our children are safe and are learning positive messages about the body and about boundaries, we can all work to adopt a wide range of ‘normals’.”

So what do you think?

Would you feel comfortable if it was your stepmother with your nine year old niece?


Would you feel comfortable if it was your stepmother with your nine year old niece?Credit: Getty – Contributor

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