Mom’s warning of ‘creepy’ baby discovery goes viral on TikTok



The new mom reached out to TikTok in an attempt to warn others after her newborn baby “cried all night” but they “couldn’t find the reason.”

A mother in the United States has taken to TikTok to warn parents to check their newborn’s fingers and toes after making a “frightening” discovery.

@ riss_237 posted a video earlier this week, showing how her baby had “cried all night” but they “couldn’t find the reason.”

“We have tried everything,” she wrote.

But the next day, the mother found out what had caused the pain – a few stray strands of hair “wrapped around two toes.”

The locks of hair had succeeded in cutting off circulation and causing what is called a capillary tourniquet.

“Get in the habit of checking your baby’s fingers and toes,” wrote @ riss_237.

In the comments, @ riss_237 revealed that she and her partner had “really long hair and fell like crazy”, with the couple now checking the tourniquets on their hair daily.

The video has been viewed over 4.2 million times, and many expressed relief that the mother could find the cause of the “frightening” problem.

Some joked that they now have “another fear unlocked as a new mom,” while others said the same had happened to their child.

“It happened to my baby and I felt so guilty that I ended up cutting all of my hair,” one person wrote.

“My son was four months old and I have really curly hair so it was so good we had to go to the emergency room. Very scary, ”another parent commented.

What is a hair tourniquet?

A hair tourniquet usually only affects young babies and occurs when a strand of hair wraps around a part of the body and cuts off circulation, according to Health line.

Hair can wrap around any appendage on the body, including the genitals, wrists, toes, or fingers.

They pose a danger to babies if they go unnoticed for long periods of time, as they can damage nerves or tissue.

Paramedic and Tiny Hearts Education CEO Nikki Jurcutz shared in an Instagram post last month how tourniquets can cause “immense pain” to babies.

“If your child is suddenly and inconsolably crying, don’t forget to undress him and check his fingers, toes and private area for stray hairs! ” she said.

“The hairs can wrap around their small parts and cut off circulation and cause immense pain and long-term damage.”

How to get rid of a hair tourniquet

Ms. Jurcutz advised that instead of trying to cut hair with scissors, use a hair removal cream that dissolves it instead.

“A quick and painless way to remove hair is to use a depilatory cream. Apply only if the skin is not broken! she added in her message.

If the hair removal cream doesn’t work, parents should take their child to the emergency room for help, Jurcutz said.



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