Meet Doug Edert and Saint Peter’s, March Madness’s new darlings – The Athletic


INDIANAPOLIS — Bill Edert tries to remain impassive. He wants to be a badass. In his thick New Jersey accent, he says the kid is going to make laps for those two missed free throws in the last minute, even if it didn’t matter. The kid has already made sure of that, like he did two nights earlier against Kentucky. Doug Edert, in another hail of buckets, buried Murray State on Saturday.

Now the last seconds are ticking. Fans chant “Dougie! Dougie! Dougie!” as a reporter asks if he knows his son’s wispy mustache is a viral internet sensation and if he can believe the 15th-seeded Saint Peter Peacocks who had never won a game of the NCAA Tournament before this week, head to the Sweet 16 after beating Murray State 70-60. Bill suddenly has tears in his eyes. He hugs his wife, Allison. They exchange the kind of “I love you” that says so much more. Their entire trip from Nutley, NJ, which the New Jersey Monthly once named the 38th best place to live in the Garden State, is summed up in those three words.

Dad throws his arms in the air and lets out a primitive roar as Doug and his teammates rush to celebrate in front of their small group of fans at Gainbridge Fieldhouse.

“Crazy,” Bill said. “Crazy crazy crazy. This. Is. Crazy. I would have never, ever, ever, ever dreamed this.

“Not even a chimera,” adds Allison. “It’s a bit overwhelming, honestly.”

Doug Edert is 6-foot-2 and 185 pounds. He has a mop of wild hair on top of his head and – more recently, now famously – a fuzzy little caterpillar above his upper lip. We will come back to the mustache. First, a little about its owner.


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