Managing household expenses: a family rides on two wheels


“If you are the breadwinner, then I am the breadwinner” – tours with my husband always begin with this phrase. And indeed, it is true!

This debate is not something to be taken lightly and rejected. You have to think about it very hard, it is about finding a financial balance within the limits of the family and certainly not on my part.

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If your husband pays your monthly household infrastructure bills, you are paying for the daily expenses of his house, which are close to or sometimes more than he pays. So the next time you sit down with the household budget, don’t forget to add the cheesecake, beef stew, and steak nights.

Managing the household is a delicate matter; Somehow, you’ll never be able to stay on budget, no matter how much you guarantee you don’t cross the utopian line of sticking to the financial plan.

The first week goes by like a snap and then you find yourself stuck with the kitchen plumbing. The sudden clogging of water in the sink goes straight to the home’s default plumbing and the smug plumber issues you a bill.

Well you can still pay it because it’s only the seventh day of the month.

Then out of the blue, your dog starts having hip pain or seizures, and you have to run to the vet and the bill is nothing less than your monthly grocery bill. Then the washing machine circuit burns out, the refrigerator’s ice filter jams, the car’s “plug jumper” (read: shock absorber) turns on. Any of them require unscheduled and costly repair on the 15th day of the month, devouring your family’s precious monthly funds. Oddly enough, a big crisis will invariably hit you around the 15th!

It doesn’t matter if you have a separate budget envelope for any unforeseen expenses. By the way, you have envelopes for everything from buying the chicken to cheese; yet by week three, your prepaid electric bills are withdrawn to pay the auto mechanic, or the fishmonger’s dues are paid to the electric handyman. High financing, essentially a financial transaction involving large sums, is the way of life.

So when you sit down for another urgent mid-month expense meeting with your husband and when he asks you where your paycheck went, hand him the “butter” receipts, which should include those from the plumber and mechanic. automobile. And of course, entertainment bills, movie night snacks, men’s nights; the ladies don’t eat much so I rest my case.

On the 23rd of the month you are about to be broke and you are forced to order from the office cafeteria a Tk 90 lunch consisting of half a rice, an omelet and mashed potatoes. . Strangely, this is one of your best breakfasts.

Managing money for families is a shared endeavor, never underestimate the contribution of your better half; whether for the rent of the house and the salary of the driver or the purchase of butter and sauces. The family rides on two wheels!

Photo: LS Archives / Sazzad Ibne Sayed


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