Make your skin glow this Valentine’s Day

Skincare experts say it all the time not to wait until the last second to take care of your skin – skincare and CTM (moisturizing toning cleanser) should be a staple in every girl’s daily routine ( even men).

And now that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, it feels good to look good. Here are some tips for looking your best on Valentine’s Day 2022.

Dr Madhulika Mhatre, Consultant Dermatologist, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road, Dr Batul Patel, Chief Medical Officer and Dermatologist, Bombay Skin Clinic and Dr Rinky Kapoor, Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetic Dermatologist and Dermatologist Surgeon, The Esthetic Clinics share tips …


In your daily routine

Go to bed on time: This is the most important step towards radiant, younger-looking skin. Put aside the mobile and the laptop and give your body a good 7 hours of sleep every night. Sleep rejuvenates the skin and pores, improves blood circulation and hydrates the skin. So say no to the viewing binge until Valentine’s Day!

The morning and evening skin care routine should not be ignored: No matter how rushed your morning is or how tired you are in the evening, the cleansing-toning-hydrating routine is a must. Don’t forget to use sunscreen in the morning and extra moisturizer at night (because your skin will thank you)

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate:
You need hydration to control inflammation, blemishes, pimples, etc. Hydration increases the oxygen supply in your blood and prevents premature aging.

Include Vitamin C:
Refreshing lemonade or fresh orange juice helps detoxify skin, reduce spots and improve skin tone.

Exfoliate twice a week: A good exfoliation done with soft fingers will remove dead skin cells without causing damage. Exfoliation also helps you achieve Cupid-approved glowing skin by preventing clogged pores and breakouts.

Here are some home care tips that will help you get through Valentine’s Day

  • Use a coffee and olive oil scrub to remove impurities from the skin and leave it perfectly clean.
  • Salt, ginger, and apple cider vinegar together make a great detox bath. You can also use a little baking soda in the mixture. Soak for about 45 minutes and rinse well.
  • For an instant glow, a face mask made with cinnamon, honey and coconut flakes will work wonders. Use this mixture to massage your face.
  • A rolled oatmeal massage will take care of the inflammation and firm the skin.
  • Don’t ignore the skin on your hands and legs when performing skincare routines. Valentine’s Day is a once-in-a-year occasion, but that shouldn’t stop you from making the most of it. Treat your Valentine’s Day skin to extra love and special care all year round.


don’t experiment

Don’t experiment with newer products that you haven’t tried before. Stick to proven products or get a quick consultation with your dermatologist who will recommend skin care based on your skin type.


Exfoliation is a great way to rejuvenate your skin and achieve a lasting glow. However, be careful not to overdo it and use harsh exfoliating agents. Exfoliators can be chemical like your AHAS and BHA or mechanical like scrubs and choosing the right one is very important.

Hydrate and stock up on antioxidants

Well-hydrated skin looks healthy and stays healthy. Plus, including antioxidant-rich foods like berries and green leafy vegetables in your diet also brings out the natural glow and protects the skin from sun damage.

Choose the right facial treatment

Opt for a glow-enhancing procedure such as a midfacial, hydrafacial, or carbon peel at your dermatologist’s clinic a few days before to bring out that dewy glow just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Sometimes we tend to overuse moisturizers, which can clog pores and prevent skin cell turnover. Instead, apply Niacinamde serums for an instant glow.

Exfoliate with a gentle, alcohol-free scrub to remove dead skin cells. Magnesium crystal scrubs are amazing for exfoliating and hydrating the skin.

Apply an adequate amount of sunscreen with SPF 30 or 50; wear it when traveling as a reminder to reapply. Newer sunscreens come with a primer and foundation, giving you a clear, makeup-free look.

Dark circles can be treated by applying an eye cream with vitamin C and vitamin K which helps treat eye congestion and prevent puffiness under the eyes.

A good vitamin supplement containing glutathione which is the mother of all antioxidants can help brighten skin and add shine to hair.

To keep hands soft and prevent dryness, use a urea cream twice a week.

Using glycerin hand wraps can provide intense moisturizing and hydrating results for soft hands.

Regularly check your hair for vitamin B12, vitamin D3 and serum ferritin and work to improve them if the levels are low.

Use an SLS-free shampoo and conditioner. Once a week, use a deep hydrating mask to ward off dry hair.

Consume a hair supplement that contains zinc, essential amino acids, CO Q 10 enzymes, calcium and magnesium to keep your hair strong and shiny for the day.


Your skin care specialist will guide you in the right direction to get the right skin and keep your skin problems away. It’s still time for Valentine’s Day and you can opt for various new-age treatments like Ultherapy, Botox, laser resurfacing and hair removal, CoolSculpting, Dermal Fillers for skin rejuvenation.


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