Listen to Poppy’s new album “Flux” inspired by punk rock


Poppy has just released a new punk-infused album titled Flux, that you can listen to now.

The record is Poppy’s fourth studio release, but her second on Sumerian Records after making the transition from electro-pop to “post-genre,” as she called it time and time again.

Compared to his last heavy album I do not agree, which was released in January 2020, Flux is much more raw and has more of a punk-rock flavor. Some songs, like the title track, still have electronic components, but “Lessen the Damage” and “Her”, for example, are more guitar-oriented and bordering on grungy. The singer’s voice is also smoother on this set of songs.

“At Flux, I wanted songwriting to be the focal point, more than just the roller coaster of emotions that I do not agree was, ”Poppy told Spin earlier this month. “I feel like the statement and the overall message at point blank range is apparent in the songs. To disagreeRather, the process and the writing were the culmination of many ideas in one song, and there wasn’t a main theme for each. There were a lot of ideas communicated by song. “

Although she acknowledged that there was a fairly large contrast between the two versions, she insisted that she had not entered the writing process with the intention of creating something new. and surprising.

“I don’t plan on doing it. It really comes from how I was feeling emotionally at the time,” she explained. “With Flux, it was more about me being on the move, mentally and emotionally. I don’t know if there will ever be a time when I am no longer on the move. I accept it as part of myself. “

Listen to the album below and check out Poppy’s upcoming tour dates here.

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