Less hair means less heat in summer



Dear readers: We are well in the summer; it’s time to show off that beautiful body! If you want to get rid of body hair, what are the different hair removal techniques available and what are the pros and cons? We’ll take a look:

Waxing involves a pro (please do this service professionally), smearing hot wax on the skin and then removing it, and with it the hair, root and everything. The pain level is moderate; you will develop tolerance. Come back in about six weeks. It can be costly; shoe shiners should bundle services to save money. Allergic reactions are rare but can occur.

Shaving is inexpensive and the results are quick but short-lived. The hair will grow back immediately; razor burns and bumps are likely. Always use a sharp blade and plenty of lubrication. Myth Busting: Shaving doesn’t grow thicker hair; shaved hair has a blunt edge, which will feel coarse.

Waxing and shaving exfoliate the skin, which is good for cell renewal.

Laser hair removal is by far the most expensive method, but over time it can “kill” the hair at the root so that it does not grow back. The procedure can be painful, like dozens of rubber bands snapping your skin.

Picking, sugaring, and threading are good for small areas of the face. Do your research and talk to people at the salons; they are friendly and eager to help. Check your embarrassment at the door. – Heloise

Open shelving

Dear Héloïse: This trend of open shelves – what gives? The reason I have cupboards is that I can hide stuff in them. With open shelves, there is no place to run and no place to hide! – Catherine D. in New York

Catherine, I agree. You need to be super organized and not be afraid to show your family and friends all of your glassware, plates and bowls in the kitchen, and your books, office supplies and computer accessories in the office!

Oh, and those tomato sauce stained plastic storage containers that have held your lunch for years? They better jump in the back of the pantry!

On the positive side, open shelving can, with careful planning, bring interesting design elements such as excellent texture and bright colors to your kitchen. You may need a professional to figure out how to hang the shelves and to lay out a pattern that will suit the look you are going for. Open your mind to open the shelves; It can work! – Heloise

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