Latest House of the Dragon Episode 5 Photos Reveal King’s New Hand


A lot happened in the latest episode of the critically acclaimed series, Dragon House. One of the wisest, albeit belated, decisions King Viserys I made was to strip Ser Otto Hightower of the title of Hand of the King. New photos from the next episode have been released, suggesting who the next hand of the king might be.

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Lord Lyonel Strong of House Strong appears to be next in line for the title of the Hand. And the book Fire & Bloodwhich House of the Dragon is based on confirms this.

In all previous episodes, the King has constantly turned to and paid attention to Lyonel Strong; more than other board members. Lord Lyonel also always provided Viserys with wise advice, much of it uncorrupted by personal motives.

Lyonel Strong and King Viserys

Lyonel Strong is also the Master in Law of the small council of Viserys. In the book, he is seen as a brute, but he studied at the Citadel, earning six bonds. In the latest photos, he is seen at the king’s table during the royal wedding. We also see Lord Lyonel accompanying the King in public and at meetings.

What do you think of Lord Lyonel Strong as the new Hand of the King?

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