Kakashi’s Bell Test was Team 7’s preparation for the Battle of Kaguya


Undoubtedly the most memorable and spectacular moment of naruto is Team 7’s signature victory over Kaguya Otsutsuki. In what is now a legendary streak, Naruto first deflects Kaguya with a barrage of shadow clones, allowing Kakashi Hatake to attack his right hand. Hidden among the clones, Naruto and Sasuke then appear on either side of Kaguya. When she moves to escape, Sakura punches her from above into Naruto and Sasuke’s hands, completing the Chibaku Tensei and saving the day.

While this moment is well-known, a comment from Reddit user u/Ank8 describes its shocking resemblance to another standout moment from the series:

The one thing I really liked about the Kaguya fight is that it’s just a Bell Test in training. Instead of a bell, Naruto and Sasuke touch it with the seals.

The comment sheds light on both Naruto’s dual approach to combat and character development, in which its unique challenges and often “unfair” battles require its protagonists to demonstrate teamwork, insight, and creativity instead of relying solely on force or even skills. In fact, in the series’ climactic battle against the demigod Kaguya Otsutsuki, the lessons learned from Team 7’s very first challenge are what allow them to prevail.

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Bell’s first test taught teamwork

The Bell Test itself takes place in episode 4 of the original series. There, Kakashi challenges the new Team 7 to take two small bells of his size. Unable to work together, Team 7 fails the test. As Kakashi explains, the Bell Test is not just about skills or strategy, but above all highlights the value of teamwork.

The second bell test forced Naruto and Sakura to improvise

While the first Bell Test emphasized teamwork, the second Bell Test emphasized insight and creativity. In the test, which takes place at the beginning of Shippuden, Sakura deduces that the Sharingan and Kakashi’s Hand Seals are too much for them to handle. Relying on his insight, Naruto devises a typically unorthodox strategy in response. Using Kakashi’s greatest weakness – his fondness for Icha Icha novels – Naruto forces Kakashi to cover his ears and close his eyes to avoid hearing spoilers, allowing them to capture the bells and – for the first time – to pass the test.

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The battle with Kaguya Otsutsuki brought it all together

By all accounts, Kaguya Otsutski is an “unfair” match. Every legendary or mythic ability introduced, from dojutsu and Susanoo to Tailed Beast Energy, Kaguya can immediately manipulate or cancel. Like all shonen titles, this climactic battle is a challenge that draws its suspense and excitement by putting the heroes in full loss.

Even so, as u/Ank8 argues, the genius of the Kaguya fight is that all of her elaborate mechanics only serve to recap the terms of Team 7’s original challenge: the Bell Test. In this regard, every item in Kaguya’s arsenal – the Truth-Seeking Balls, the Byakugan/Rinnegan Suit, and Dimensional Manipulation – by removing Team 7’s perks as u/Ank8 observes, does than bringing Team 7 back to familiar Bell Test grounds, from which they have long since learned to improvise in creative and “unconventional” ways.

However, while the difficulty curve for the fight against Kaguya is as steep as possible, the value of the Bell Test shines through. Then, as before, having exhausted even their own extensive abilities and improved teamwork against Kakashi, Team 7 must complete their teamwork with insight, creativity, and decision. As u/Ank8 points out, less than any skill or power, it’s what Team 7 learned with Kakashi that allows them to beat Kaguya, save the ninja world, and ultimately lead the series to its end. final chapter – all in perfect shape.

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