John Lithgow nails Rudy Giuliani “total embarrassment” in “Colbert”


In his third appearance as Rudy Giuliani on The late show Thursday evening, John Lithgow did not remember anything.

The actor, who was on the show to promote his latest collection of satirical poems, joined Stephen Colbert in the wake of the ban reported by Fox News’ Giuliani. “Banned from the only network that promotes drunken conspiracy theories?” Will Rudy ever reappear on television? Colbert asked before presenting the former New York mayor in all his glory.

Admitting he was “a little confused” from the start, Giuliani apologized for speaking to his “chief of staff” and then drank red wine.

“Wait, so is it true that you get drunk sometimes before you speak in public?” asked Colbert.

“What ?! I never get drunk! Always always always!” his guest insisted. “I only drink to justify my behavior. Legally, this is plausible denial. Or as the Queen of England would say, “Is it just alcohol talking, innit gov’nuh?” When Colbert asked him if he was afraid of being “completely struck off the bar,” Giuliani replied: “What? No! You can’t forbid me to go to bars! This is where I find my legal team!

He spent the remainder of the interview recording videos of Cameo on his phone, including one for Donald Trump in an effort to get back into his good graces.

“Hello, mister the former president, it is Rudy Giuliani who speaks”, he began. “Thanks for asking me on Cameo. I’m delighted to, once again, get paid to say whatever you want me to say. Here we go: I’m a total clown you’ve never met and I’m a silly loser, an absolute idiot in a cheap suit who can’t distinguish his ass from … ”

At that moment, Colbert interrupted him by saying: “Sir, stop! Even on your own terms, you humiliate yourself on television.

“What? They let me on TV again?” Giuliani asked in horror. “Oh, my God, you’re right, Stephen. I look in total embarrassment. Then he started to cut himself. nose hair in front of the camera.

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