It’s time to give your closet a makeover –


“What do I mean by closet makeover”? Come to think of it. We often focus on grooming and maintaining ourselves, but sometimes we pay attention to the clothes in our closet. In what condition are they lying around, do we actually remember how many pairs of clothes we own? How many of them have we worn and how many are just shoved into a corner of our closet. It is extremely important to keep track of how much we spend on our clothes.

Our clothes require a heavy investment, so it is our responsibility to make a wise choice so as not to regret it later. Our wardrobe is supposed to contain beautiful things, but instead it’s filled with fashion regrets, clothes that might not fit on us, or that we might not like now, all piled up on top of each other in a disorderly state. Most clothes are the result of impulse buying, just because we are offered a top or a pair of jeans at half the original price, we tend to buy them. And that’s something that really needs to be taken care of. This adrenaline rush that generates the urge to hoard clothes must be controlled.

Whenever we buy clothes, we have to educate a little bit about the materials used in making those clothes. Since there are tissues that can cause skin allergies and affect the longevity of a tissue. Clothing is our most favorite and personal possession in this whole world. If you are someone who likes to pile up different types of clothes, who gets all excited every time they are asked for a sale, then it is very important for you to determine what type of fashion personality you are.

  • A Stylist – A stylist is one who follows all current trends, never a latecomer. In their wardrobe, you will find fabrics of all styles and patterns. Sometimes they become trailblazers and have a wardrobe that best defines their personality.
  • A Moderate Shopper – Moderators are people who believe in removing clutter and style from their wardrobes with an effortless, timeless look.
  • A Traditionalist – These are those who are a mix of the two races above (Stylist and Moderators). They have a pretty versatile wardrobe designed for themselves. They are neither hoarders nor cutters but have a pair for everything and everywhere.

Here are some life-saving ways to give your wardrobe an effective makeover.

  1. Analyze your wardrobe- For this you might need a pen and a notebook. Start by removing the clothes from the hangers and shelf in your closet. Separate them into what is what, for example, a stack of crop tops. basic t-shirts, jeans, then start counting how many clothes you have. Set aside the clothes you have worn before, start recording the prices of each one. This will give you an idea of ​​the percentage of clothing used.
  2. Start sorting: Sort your clothes into used, unworn and maybe clothes. I understand that categorizing clothes can turn out to be tiring work and especially when we have to let go of something our feelings are related to, but we have to make a decision.
  3. Study the materials: The above, we often buy clothes without paying attention to the type of materials used, but this can be avoided once we start to study the materials mentioned on the label of the clothes we own. Study the origin of the synthetic a little, then make a decision
  1. Make a donation: Keep the waste pile separate. Search for an NGO or an exchange option. Make sure you give your clothes in good condition, they should not be completely deformed. This way your clothes can be reused and you will be happy to be purged of the load.
  2. Prioritize your clothes: A very important aspect when cleaning your wardrobe. Clothing also seeks priority, if we don’t prioritize what or when to buy or wear. We will go back to the previous state. Prioritizing your clothes will prevent you from wasting extra money on clothes you don’t need at the moment and the end result will lead to you having a trending wardrobe.

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