Is laser hair removal painful? Here’s what an expert says



There are many hair removal techniques available and some of them may not be suitable for people with sensitive skin. Waxing, waxing, and donning are all ways to remove unwanted body hair. Besides these, there is also the laser hair removal treatment which is very popular all over the world among celebrities and non-celebrities.

Actor Rashmika Mandanna, however, did not have a pleasant experience with her. She even shared on social media how painful the laser treatment was for her.

Speaking to Instagram last week, Rashmika shared a photo of her hand on her Instagram Story and wrote, “Any of you wants to be an actor for the good part… don’t! There are a lot of things that come into play. For example: how many times you have to laser .. damn .. it hurts so much! (sic) ”The actor referred to the pressures celebrities face to maintain“ the perfect image ”and the consequences of that.

(Photo: Instagram / @ rashmika_mandanna)

But, while waxing and threading are considered a bit painful, what causes the pain from laser treatment? We reached out to an expert for answers.

Dr Manjul Agarwal, senior dermatology consultant at Fortis Shalimar Bagh Hospital, told that laser hair removal can cause pain, but it depends on many factors. “Practically there is no pain these days. It depends on how much power or energy we give to the skin. It depends on the patient’s skin color and hair texture. The parameters we use for epilating are important. Cooling is also very important to avoid pain, ”she explained.

Dr Agarwal went on to say that cooling is needed before, during and after treatment. “Most lasers have a cool tip. There are also high speed suction assisted lasers that do not cause pain with the patient only feeling their skin being pulled. In other words, it’s quick and painless. If a person is sensitive, topical anesthesia may be given as a numbing cream. But, these can only be applied to a small area and not to the whole leg or arm.

laser hair removal treatment A person should have one session every 4-6 weeks at first. After a few sessions of this type, if the hair does not grow back, it is not necessary to perform further sessions. (Representative Image / Getty)

But what causes the redness of the skin that the actor talked about?

According to the doctor, the laser treatment focuses on the hairline. “When the light energy from the laser reaches the hairline, it heats up. And because of this heat, the root is damaged. This is called photothermal energy. Likewise, we also have photo-mechanical and chemical – the three different types of energies that cause hair damage. When the settings are not correct, it may cause injury to the surrounding area [of the skin] which we don’t want.

“We just want the hair follicle damaged. For someone with a dark skin color – in the absence of cooling – the entire top layer will take this energy. And it can cause burns, scarring, pigmentation, etc. », She explained.

Post-treatment precaution

Dr Agarwal said it is advisable to cool down for 10 to 15 minutes after waxing. “It can be done with ice packs, ice packs and also cryo-cooling. The patient should also avoid the sun and regularly apply sunscreen. They should not be waxed or waxed before their treatment, as it is the dark colored hairline that absorbs light energy, and in its absence the possibilities of side effects are much greater. Fair skin and dark hair are ideal for laser hair removal treatment.

She concluded by saying that a person should initially sit up every 4-6 weeks. After a few sessions of this type, if the hair does not grow back, it is not necessary to perform further sessions.

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