‘I finally cleaned my makeup brushes and it was a real shock’



Our writer tries a line of brush cleaners to improve her makeup hygiene.

Okay everyone. The gloves are off, the truth is out, and the point is, many of us would hate to admit that our makeup brushes are damn gross.

Considering the long list of things we’re “supposed” to do every week – laundry, cleaning, recycling – washing makeup brushes is way down on this list.

Another factor is that brushes are expensive, so you probably don’t have lots of the same ones, and if they are out of order from washing, how are you going to spruce up in the morning? * rolling eyes emoji *

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Apologies aside, I was inspired by the launch of famous makeup artist Karla Roccuzzo’s new beauty brand, “With Karla”, to take the plunge and finally clean my brushes.

The new line includes a delicious-smelling * brush cleaner *, which I tried the Caramel Sundae Brush Defense flavor (which is locally made and vegan). It comes in the best looking spray that looks like a perfume and the formula inside kills 99.9% of accumulated bacteria.

The remover contains vanilla oil, which gives the remover a delicious scent but also softens the bristles of the brush so that they never get dry and difficult to use. I pair the remover with The Base Towel with Benefits, a microfiber towel you can clean the brushes on.

Tip: You can also use a clean basic towel with benefits to remove makeup using only hot water.

The best part about brush cleaner is that you don’t have to get your brushes wet.

You just need to spray it 1-2 times, then wipe the makeup on the base towel until it is clean. The brush does not need more than a minute and it is again completely dry and ready to use. Negligible downtime.

Having used other leave-in cleaners in the past that left my brushes brittle and less mixed, I was really impressed with the condition my brushes were left in. They didn’t look too dry, smelled great, and were super clean.

I was also in COMPLETE SHOCK over how dirty they were. I have included pictures of my shame for your amusement.

I give it a 1000/10.

If you want to try the brush cleaner, you can choose from Caramel Sundae, Strawberries and Cream, or Lavender Love on the website here.

But for anyone who might want to clean their brushes IMMEDIATELY while they’re in the mail, there are also a few home remedies I’ve tried on your behalf.

I would also say that it can’t hurt to do a really big, deep cleaning of your brushes under running water every month or so.

Shampoo – 8/10

If you are looking for a home remedy, I recommend using shampoo. Yes, the same one you use on your hair.

Try to pick one that isn’t too stripping, but nothing out of the ordinary. For example, I tried a protein shampoo and while it was nice, I think the protein probably wouldn’t be a good long term solution.

To use it, simply dampen your brush with the bristles facing down. You shouldn’t turn the bristles to face the roof as water can run into the brush barrel and mess up the glue that holds your bristles together. This can cause the fall and ultimately damage the brush.

Add some shampoo to your other hand and wrap the bristles around your hand. You can use your fingers a bit to remove stubborn areas. Rinse until the water is clean, gently wring out the water and wait for them to dry (annoying, I know!).

I have used a hair dryer at its coldest setting before drying my brushes and it has always worked well, but I only do this with those that don’t really matter to me and only if I’m in a rush to get it. ‘use because I’m worried it’s probably not the best for the aforementioned brush barrel situation.

Oil and dish soap – 7/10

Oil and dish soap are also an effective home remedy, but I wouldn’t recommend using too much oil because you don’t want to leave a residue on your brush. Extra virgin oil works well.

I put this on a point because once I used way too much oil it just meant I had to rinse them again!

I like a ratio of 1 to 3, using the same shaking and rinsing method as shampooing, and letting them dry.

And there we have it. No more excuses for not cleaning your dirty face brushes!



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