How to Treat Rosacea, Your Guide for 2021



At best, a rosacea flare can make you sunburn or feel like you’ve gone a little too hard in your hot yoga class. At worst, it can leave you with rough, swollen skin covered in pimples and a strong urge to lock yourself in and stay in the bathroom. Unfortunately for those of us who suffer from it regularly, it is not clear exactly what causes it, and there is also no hard and fast cure, but when it comes to rosacea, how to treat it. and what are the causes, there are things you can do that can help.

Shoshana Eisner, pharmacist and sensitive skin expert who created QED Skincare specifically for people with sensitive skin conditions like Rosacea, told us that “Rosacea is a very common skin condition in Australia and often the stress of redness, scaly and itchy skin itself makes it worse. rosacea! Finding products that are super gentle on the skin and provide maximum hydration is therefore very important in managing these sensitivities.

If the skin condition is something you struggle with, whether it’s a new development or a condition you’ve been dealing with for years, here are some tips on how to deal with it. rosacea.

Stay hydrated and often

According to Eisner, the secret to preventing rosacea flare-ups and speeding up their healing is to maximize hydration inside and out. Finding the right moisturizer is crucial – you want something that won’t aggravate your sensitive skin but will provide deep hydration (we’re talking about tsunami levels, like QED’s Deep Moisture Face Cream or Balance intensive moisturizer from Dermalogica). And don’t just hydrate yourself once a day and leave it at that – double it up and even take your moisturizer with you, plus a bottle of water to hydrate from the inside out.

Use the correct water temperature

Goldilocks was really about something – like her, you should avoid washing your face with boiling or ice water, and instead adjust it to something right. Eisner even suggests using cleaners that don’t need water at all, as they can be stripping. Instead, try QED’s leave-in cleanser or use a micellar cleansing water like this issue from Clarins for sensitive skin.

Be nice

Whatever products you use, do it with a delicate touch. Use soft cloths like a Face Halo to gently remove makeup and apply all of these moisturizers with a soft hand. A vigorous scrub won’t do you any favors, so stop trying to erase rosacea with sheer willpower and be gentle on your cheeks.

Find your triggers

It’s not just about treating rosacea, stopping it before it starts is just as important. Like anyone who has had a pot of ice cream and woke up the next morning with fiercely rosy cheeks, certain foods and situations can trigger rosacea, or make it worse than usual. Esner lists stress, chili, dairy, alcohol, sun exposure, extreme temperatures, and even irritating ingredients for cosmetics and laundry detergents as common triggers for rosacea. Use skincare that is suitable for sensitive skin, and watch the particular ingredients in your makeup and skincare in case you start to notice a correlation. And as always, wear a hat and sunscreen every day, which you should frankly do even if you don’t have rosacea.

Manage flare-ups

If you happen to eat something that you shouldn’t, or if you’ve turned up the heat in the shower, or if you’ve had another number of triggers, and suddenly you’re experiencing a severe flare-up, don’t panic. not. An ice pack in a cloth placed over the affected area can help calm and soothe the area, and some people swear to use ice globe facials on a daily basis.

Talk to your doctor

When all else fails, it might be time to make a doctor’s appointment. For severe cases of rosacea, the way to treat it may be antibiotic creams and other prescription skin care products that your doctor may prescribe.

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