How to prepare for your favorite summer festivals


It’s summer! It’s time for outdoor parties, backyard events and of course all the warm weather festivals you could ask for! Summer is the best time of year to celebrate anything and everything under the hot, bright sun. From your outdoor techno concerts and fairs to Burning Man, we’ve got some great ideas to help you get ready for your favorite summer festivals.

Take a screenshot of your favorite makeup looks

Festival season is our favorite time for makeup, and it’s the perfect time to play with the latest and greatest trends. We are taught throughout most of our lives to favor minimal makeup trends. When we’re going for the most extreme looks, we tend to have looks on the go (and not always the good kind). Luckily, festival season means it’s time to go wild with your makeup. Festival makeup is all about “do it big or go home.” So bright colors, exaggerated patterns and long, luscious lashes are a must! Now is the time to experiment and play with all those gorgeous looks you’ve seen all over social media and take them to the next level. Everyone will bring whatever they have, so you won’t get any weird looks. Instead, your extreme looks will be celebrated. So, in anticipation of your favorite summer festivals, be sure to capture your favorite makeup looks to get ready. And if you can, be sure to do a few trial runs to make sure you’re happy with your makeup choices on your features.

Festival-worthy outfits

These epic festival looks aren’t just about your makeup, they’re about the entire ensemble, from your makeup to your nails to your hair and…of course…your clothes! Perhaps the most important preparation for your favorite summer festivals is picking out some great festival outfits. The right outfit requires good planning. Don’t just think about your tops and bottoms or your dresses. You also need to think about your style, from shoes to jewelry to hats. And you’ll need plenty of statement pieces for your best social media photos. After all, half the fun of the festival is taking Instagram-worthy photos.


After choosing your outfit and putting aside the best makeup to match it, you need to choose the best hair that matches your overall aesthetic. Your hair can be wild and elaborate or just styled chic as long as it matches your makeup and clothes. So, scroll through Pinterest and choose the perfect festival hairstyle for your look.


Nails are another small but important detail in your overall festival look. Especially if you are going to change outfits or stay at an event for several days, you need a nail look that not only stands out and looks good, but actually goes with any festival looks you bring. To do this, look to pastels and colors that are still bright and eye-catching yet subtle enough to transition from look to look. One way to make a statement with your festival nails is to choose a flattering and standout nail shape, such as almond nails or coffin nails.

Hair removal

Finally, if you want to extend your stay at your festival, it is important to get rid of unwanted hair that may occur during the event. So, you should consider using an epilator instead of shaving, as this will keep the hairs from coming back long enough to enjoy your festival without any permanent changes. With an epilator, your hair will take a few weeks to come back, which is much longer than if you shave. So you can enjoy camping for your festival without having to worry about shaving throughout the experience. Of course, if you’re looking for something more permanent, you can always try laser hair removal before your festival. But if you go this route, make sure you do it plenty of time before your festival in case you experience any irritation or side effects.

All in all, summer is the best time of year to party! After these past two years, we need a good party. And if your ideal post-covid celebration is a festival, be sure to plan well in advance so you have the best possible experience.


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