How to Groom Your Dog at Home – Some Clever Tricks


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Yorkie taking a bubble bath in her pink bathing cap.

If you’re a neat freak but own a dog, you should be aware of the feeling of anxiety when your home starts to smell like the dog. You must own the cleanest dog on this planet, but dog odor is inevitable within a week of bathing your dog. Well, a clean dog sure looks like a teddy bear, but a smelly dog ​​is hard to be around. A pet owner knows very well how important it is to bathe his dog at least twice a month. There are tons of professional groomers available, but the cost of grooming your dog is way more than what you spend at a spa for yourself. And if your dog happens to be playing in the mud and getting dirty, then your grooming frequency increases, which means you have to shell out a hefty amount of money to get your dog groomed every month.

If your dog has a short coat, grooming may be easier and less expensive, but long-haired dog breeds also need trimming. therefore the costs increase. Any doodle owner knows how expensive it is to get a simple haircut for the dog. For example, you can get Goldendoodle haircuts of different types, which most of the time a professional groomer cannot achieve. So how do you minimize dog grooming costs?

Don’t forget to dry the dog. When we wash our hair, it takes about 20 minutes to dry our hair. Imagine drying a dog that has fur all over its body. The next challenge would be the dog not standing still and messing up your house as well; therefore, you now have to spend time cleaning the house after cleaning the dog. The dryer at home is different from those used by professional groomers; hence the time needed to dry the dog is also longer at home.

Don’t forget the part where you have to cut the dog’s nails and clean his ears. If you have a gentle giant, then you’re in luck, but most dogs don’t sit still in these processes. A husky will certainly howl throughout, and a retriever will be as naughty as can be throughout the grooming process.

The end result of the entire at-home grooming session would be you exhausting yourself.

Here are some tips that will help you groom your dog at home most of the time without spending a lot of money on dog grooming.

1. Tie the dog

The last thing you want to do while grooming your dog is chasing him. Even professional groomers tie the dog up so he knows he can’t move. If you give the dog free rein, it is sure to run away to avoid a bath. Most dog breeds don’t like to be bathed, so tying them up is extremely important.

2. Prefer to groom in an open space

This only applies to people who have a balcony or a garden in their house. Dogs don’t like being bred in a bathroom, which is an enclosed space. They prefer to be outdoors; therefore, let them take a bath outside. Taking them to the bathroom will make them anxious from the start. Instead, tie them up in an open space, which will make them feel a bit relaxed; therefore, they will not act as much.

3. Make it a game

If you have a large balcony or a garden, how about using a temporary pool to bathe them in? It will also be a good time of pleasure for the dog. Especially retrievers like to jump in pools and they will be ready to swim and enjoy the whole process. Thus, bath time also becomes a time for recreation.

4. Don’t wait for the coat to deform

If you’re considering having your dog’s hair cut, don’t wait until the coat is full. Cut the hair instead. This way you don’t need to shape the coat as it was already done in the previous haircut session. By cutting the hair, you can postpone the next dog haircut session.

5. Use a nail grinder

Trimming your dog’s nails is one of the toughest jobs because you’ll need to be very careful while doing it. Also, your dog may not stay super still. Using a nail grinder makes the process much easier. The end result is also better as the nails are smooth with no sharp edges.

6. Dry the dog gently

There are special absorbent towels that could be used to dry the dog. These towels ensure that you soak up most of the water from the dog’s coat. Therefore, the process of using the dryer becomes shorter. Also, when using the dryer, cover the dog’s ears, because the sound of the dryer may make the dog more anxious. Covering his ears will keep the dog calmer and help the drying process. If it’s a hair dryer, keep the heat setting on low. The dog does not need to be 100% dried with the dryer. You can dry the dog about 80% and then let it air dry. The dog will also appreciate the air drying as it keeps them cool.

The bottom line

Well, I think it’s essential to groom your dog occasionally with the help of an expert, but you should also learn these tricks by giving him a few grooming sessions at home. We’re talking about grooming a dog for about 10 years, which is the average lifespan of most dogs. That works out to 120 months, and when you say twice a month, 240 times in total, and paying 240 times grooming costs is going to be a considerable sum. You can’t save all the money, but at least 50% by grooming the dog at home every other weekend. At first it may seem difficult, but gradually your dog will get used to it and behave better, making this process easier for both of you.


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