How to Get That Summer Skin Glow According to Clear Skincare Clinics


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Summer, the time to get rid of heavy layers and turn our faces to the sun. As we embrace warm weather activities, we opt for minimal makeup; replace heavy creams with light serums and seek hydration without oiliness. Achieving a summer glow takes maintenance, but not just with skincare that comes from a jar.

Here has RUSSH, we’re big advocates of introducing regular treatments into your beauty routine if you can afford it, whether it’s LED light therapy or skin needling. But for the uninitiated, it can be difficult to know which treatments are right for you and which ones you can do without. Accordingly, we draw on the knowledge of Clear Skincare Clinics to illuminate the way forward.

Since 1999, Clear Skincare Clinics has been our local point of reference for advice on acne, injectables, laser hair removal and skin treatments; with over 80 clinics across Australia ready to meet our skin’s needs. So, in the interest of a healthy, glowing summer complexion, we offer four treatments suitable for a variety of different skin types that are offered at Clear Skincare Clinics. Find them below.

Vitamin C Peel

For those new to the field of peels, Clear Skincare Clinics’ Vitamin C iteration is the perfect place to unwind. Among the clinics’ many offerings, the Vitamin C Peel is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive among us, and is a great hack for glowing skin before any big event. Appreciated for their speed and effectiveness, peels harness the power of acids of natural origin, in this case vitamin C, to eliminate dead skin, clear congestion and boost radiance. As people living under that holey ozone layer, this peel is a godsend for sun-damaged skin, and a tip you’ll want in your corner next summer.


As has been well established, the ticket to glowing skin is often stuck under the layer of crusty, flaky, tired dead skin that clogs your complexion. You need to clean this up in order to see results. One way to do this is to use the process called microdermabrasion. At first it may seem scary – we are constantly told to be gentle with our skin – but the process is completely painless. All it is is an expert-led exfoliation process, where a machine deeply exfoliates your skin, sucking out dead skin cells, blackheads and general congestion to improve the skin texture and increase blood flow.

LED light processing

LED light treatment is a favorite of anyone looking to treat acne scars, calm breakouts, or soothe rosacea. Using different wavelengths of low level light, including red and blue, LED light therapy penetrates skin cells to stimulate their natural healing process. For those who have never undergone this treatment before, it is simply like lying under the warm sunlight, but without exposing yourself to harmful UV rays. Soothing LED lights speed healing, leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated. Sign us up!


RUSSH’Mia Steiber has already been told that a Hydrafacial is like “a gym workout for the skin.” The highly recommended Hydrafacial uses what’s called a Vortex Pen to simultaneously suck out congestion and blackheads, before blasting the skin with serums chosen by your therapist based on your skin situation. This allows serums to penetrate deeply and give you that coveted hydrated look.

You can book any of these four treatments online at the Clear Skincare Clinics website. Or you can call your local Clear Skincare clinic to make a reservation over the phone.

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