House Republicans are trying to put a ring on it with their “commitment to America.” The voters are running


When Navigator described the Republicans’ “pledge” as a “plan that would impose additional restrictions on abortion access, spend taxpayer dollars to complete a southern border wall, and repeal the Cutback Act inflation, which means Medicare would no longer be able to negotiate lower prescription drug prices,” he bombards.

Only 32% of registered voters support it while 56% oppose it, a deficit of 24 points. Among independent voters, it’s even worse at 34 points under water, 23% – 57%.

Overall, few voters were even aware of last week’s late rollout, with just 30% hearing “a lot” or “a little” while 70% heard little or nothing from the everything. That’s probably better for the GOP, since the policies appeal to a very small portion of the electorate, probably by design.

Frankly, Republicans are better off when their policies don’t enter the mainstream consciousness. Their chosen path to victory is to have a list of enemies, not an agenda, as Jon Lovett of PodSaveAmerica pointed out.

Navigator then identified the GOP’s most unpopular policies, where removing health care protections and increasing health care costs topped the list. Here’s a rundown of the healthcare policies Navigator presented to voters:

  • Net -64: “let health insurance companies deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, such as asthma, diabetes or cancer” (14% support – 78% oppose)
  • Net -61: “remove the $2,000 cap on how much seniors have to pay for prescription drugs each year, leaving drug companies to charge as much as they want” (19% support – 70% d ‘opposition),
  • Net -50: “reinstate the ban that prevents Medicare from negotiating lower prescription drug prices” (19% support – 69% opposition)
  • Net -44: “ban abortion and criminalize women who seek abortion and doctors who help facilitate them” (24% support – 68% opposition)
Chart showing that a majority of voters oppose eight of the 10 GOP policies tested.

I have to hand it over to Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and his team – they’re really giving Senator Rick Scott of Florida a hard time figuring out who could create the most heinous agenda. McCarthy probably mitigated their obnoxious “commitment” by writing the language on a website that isn’t particularly user-friendly, to begin with.


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