Here’s how to remove Jack-O’s mask in Guilty Gear Strive and check out all of its color options and taunts



Good luck making the taunt in a match

Jack-O hit the Guilty Gear Strive scene earlier today with a new list of moves compared to his Xrd days, and players are already busy testing out any wild setups they can find with his minions.

One question we’ve seen popping up in the community about the new DLC character, however, is how exactly to remove his mask during matches as we saw in his trailer, so we dug to find ways multiple but simple to do just that.

If you’ve chosen Jack-O on the character selection screen, you’ll have noticed that there is no apparent option to start a set without his mask, and as far as we currently know, there is no apparent option to start a set without his mask. has no possibility of doing so.

To get him to reveal a face to everyone in the first round, players will have to use his taunt once the match has started, although it’s not that simple.

Since Jack-O has multiple taunts in the game, there is a bit of a random element to the trick as only the one where she physically removes the mask during the animation works.

Click the image for Jack-O’s taunts and mask removal

That’s not to say that’s the only way she’s going to do it, though.

There is a much more consistent way to fight the mask in Strive, but you have to wait until at least the second round to remove it.

Holding down the Dust button after a round win will initiate the animation to remove the face cover, and she will start the next round without it. This trick also works in reverse.

Oddly, this doesn’t happen if Jack-O loses the round instead.

Click on the image to remove Jack-O’s victory mask

When it comes to her color options, many of them dramatically change the hair, mask, and Valentine’s Day halos over her outfit itself.

The gallery below contains all 12 of Jack-O’s colors, including Additional Colors DLC options 6 through 11 and the last in Ultimate Edition order.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve found a way to remove Jack-O’s mask before round one, and stay tuned for more coverage on the new DLC character and changes to Strive.

Jack-O colors image # 1

Jack-O colors image # 2

Jack-O colors image # 3

Jack-O Color Image # 4

Jack-O colors image # 5

Jack-O colors image # 6

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