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WWhether you’ve visited Houston’s Memorial Green mixed-use resort for a delicious bowl of acai berry at Clean Juice or a mini-trampoline workout at Mōtiv Fitness, it’s impossible to stroll through the upscale center. and not to notice an atmosphere that embraces health and well-being. Midway is all about creating true centers of living, working and playing – from CITYCENTRE to GreenStreet to Century Square.

But in the heart of the coveted Memorial neighborhood, Memorial Green almost takes that to a new level, emerging as a haven for those who want to balance a good life and a healthy lifestyle.

From the planning and influence of the wellness-conscious neighborhood he calls his home, Memorial Green has become a magnet for medical spas, retreats, fitness and health studios, as well as health specialists. top notch beauty. By walking along the sunny outdoor central fountain or through the private and cool hallways of its closed second and third floors, visitors can find service for almost any health or beauty need. From the trendiest nail art and IV hangover recovery treatments to a new lease of testosterone for a healthy sex life, it’s all here.

So let’s take our virtual steps as we stroll along Memorial Green’s Avenue of Beauty and Wellness Centers. Consider this your guide to one of Houston’s healthiest mecca:

Thrive Drip Spa

The latest addition to Memorial Green Health and Beauty Oasis, this luxury IV spa specializes in IV vitamin drops and boosters. The great thing about Thrive drops is that they allow the body to rehydrate quickly while allowing you to absorb 100 percent of the nutrients in each drip formula.

Registered nurses, all with clinical experience, administer the therapeutic treatment at Thrive Drip Spa. Nurses can also assess clients’ needs, whether restorative or preventative, and help them choose the optimal infusion from 12 different custom formulas and three booster shots.

Whether it’s a Hydrate Drip lift or a Beauty Drip containing a high dose of vitamin C and glutathione, for glowing skin, a Party Drip to recover the hangover or a Fit Drip formulated for athletes and those who train, these treatments are designed to allow one to rehydrate and revitalize in comfort and style.

Thrive Drip Spa is staffed by registered nurses with experience working in a clinical setting.

Memorial Green Spa will also feature the latest biohacking technology for strength training and body sculpting, EMSculpt NEO. The non-invasive procedure targets HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy) and RF (Radio Frequency) waves along selected areas to burn up to 30% fat and build 25% muscle.

For those with busy lives (which is pretty much everyone these days), many of these treatments take less than 45 minutes. Yet every minute can seem like a glorious refuge to rejuvenate and heal.

Mōtiv Fitness

A very different neighborhood fitness studio recently blossomed in Memorial Green. Mōtiv Fitness is ready to wave wellness beyond the Memorial Zone. Although independent, Mōtiv Memorial is part of a new community of eight female-owned studios in Texas and the West.

The chic fitness center offers a wide range and wide array of classes seven days a week at convenient times, including barre, biking, stretching and toning, as well as unique fitness spots. These include low impact, high intensity mini trampoline lessons and hybrid hours combining the best of cycling and barbell. Knowledgeable and passionate instructors lead regulars on their own individual health and fitness journey.

Pure juice

As the only USDA-certified organic juice bar brand in North America, the juicer franchise fits perfectly into the healthy ambiance of Memorial Green. Going beyond the menu of a regular juice bar, Clean Juice offers green and grain bowls, wraps, toast, Acai bowls, protein smoothies and a garden of juice blends. So whether you’re thirsty for your daily cold-pressed pick-me-up or hungry for a big, healthy meal, Clean Juice offers a plethora of nutritious goodies.

With juice choices galore, healthy bowls and wraps, Clean Juice fits perfectly into Memorial Green’s health-conscious community.

The eyelash salon

In our world of hiding and unmasking, the eyes have truly become the windows to our hearts and souls, and these eyelash artists know exactly how to frame and highlight those windows. Yes, the stylists at Lash Lounge are masters in the art of eyelash extensions. But they are also experienced in the art of eyelash filling, eyebrow threading, eyelash and eyebrow tinting.

Located in a private and quiet location on the bright upper floor of Memorial Green, this retreat emphasizes the living room on its behalf with comfortable beds, private retreat bedrooms, and boutique-style decor.

DaVinci Body Sculpting

Whether it’s the stomach, hips, chin, love handles or even arms, we all have these issues where we wish we could trim a little fat without breaking a sweat. Or the skin. Fortunately, DaVinci specializes in the hottest non-surgical procedure for reducing fat in these areas of the body.

This is CoolSculpting. Using the science of cryolipolysis, DaVinci’s CoolSculpting treatments freeze fat cells without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue. The practice of CoolSculpting has become one of the most popular non-surgical fat reduction treatments in America.

The DaVinci difference is that these experts only do CoolSculpting. Thus, they offer concentrated expertise and individualized treatments, from the first consultation to the achievement of the final goal.

DaVinci Body Sculpting uses CoolSculpting technology to help clients achieve their fat reduction goals.

Isle Pedi Spa

Embark on a paradise of foot, hand and soul care at this resort-style day spa. Enjoy a full manicure and pedicure menu, but be aware that this island is also home to great indulgences. These include facials, waxing, and sunless tanning applications. Private alcoves await those seeking the ultimate in serenity, while the colorful Isle Suites provide the perfect location for a party or bridal shower.

Men’s Health Memorial

Men face unique health issues at different stages of life, and this true men’s health center supports that journey of life. Especially when it comes to men’s sexual well-being, with a focus on the diagnosis and treatment of low testosterone. Low T becomes more common as men get older and can sometimes lead to low libido, mood swings, fatigue, and loss of muscle mass.

Once diagnosed with low T, the medical team at Men’s Health consults their patients on possible treatments and testosterone replacement therapy plans. If low testosterone has also caused weight gain, the clinic can create an individualized program that combines medically supervised weight loss with testosterone replacement therapy.

Ceron Hair Studio

A stylist to so many Texas royals, celebrities and celebs that he himself has become a beauty star, Ceron has elevated the lux hair studio to constellation levels in Houston and Dallas. Of course, the Memorial Green location offers haircuts and hairstyles for both men and women.

Ceron - 363_05-16-20_CeroÌ ?? nSalon
This man does not need to be introduced: Cerón.

It all adheres to Ceron’s ‘Reshape the Ordinary’ vision, but visitors to Memorial Green Hair Studio can also expect the richest color and keratin treatments from Ceron’s all-star styling team. For the biggest of galas or just for an intimate evening, this is the perfect place to make an appointment for special event styling and makeup services.

After all, being healthy and living your best life also means having great hair.

To learn more about Memorial Green, Midway and all its developments, check out its new Neighborhood website.



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