From The Rock to Ashton, do celebrities swim normally?



Last month, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis revealed that they weren’t much of a swim fanatic, noting that they rarely shower and only wash their kids when “you can see the dirt on them.” Apparently, that was all it took to make other potentially smelly celebs feel comfortable revealing that they aren’t big showers and bathers, either. Kristen bell admitted she “waits for the stench” before bathing her and Dax Shepard’s daughters, while Jake Gyllenhaal recently said Vanity Show that “more and more, I find that the bath is less and less necessary”.

Now, however, we have someone on the opposite end of the shower spectrum. After a fan tagged him on Twitter insisting that he couldn’t be one of those “celebrities who don’t wash,” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson confirmed he was ” the opposite of a celebrity “not washing” and revealed that he showered three times a day.

“Shower (cold) when I get out of bed to start my day,” he wrote. “Shower (hot) after my workout before work. Shower (hot) after I come home from work. Face wash, body wash, exfoliation and I sing (off key) in the shower.

Now, it’s important to note that for most people, three showers a day is excessive. Bathing too often removes sebum and healthy bacteria from your skin, disrupting its microbiome and potentially leaving it dry and itchy. However, in this particular case, we also have to consider The Rock’s lifestyle. Showering after a workout to get rid of excess sweat is, of course, a perfectly reasonable thing to do. And as anyone who’s ever laid eyes on The Rock can tell, the guy is training many. That third daily shower he takes “after I get home from work” could very well be another post-workout shower, given that his “job” as an action star often involves a lot of work. physically demanding stunts.

Still, the temperature is a little weird. (A cold shower in the morning, before coffee nothing less, seems absolute torture, although it does have its benefits.) And for the average person who is not work pretty much all day, three showers is just too much.

There has to be a happy medium between showering only when you see visible dirt and The Rock’s diet. When are we going to start hearing crowds once a day?



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