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Flattley Guitar Pedals, a pedal shop based in Gloucestershire, UK, specializes in hand-wired pedals that aim to use only the highest quality components.

Designer and builder Paul Flattley offers meticulously hand-finished pedals with artwork created by his daughter Phoebe, a graphic designer, who often bases art on Mexican sugar skulls.

There are other custom options available, but the Revolution overdrive pedal we have here is typical of those sparkly finishes.

One cool feature of the Flattley pedals is the Halo light ring that surrounds the pedal and diffuses light during live playback, avoiding the off-putting brightness you can get from standard LEDs. There are several colors available including blue and purple seen here.

A variation is the custom-ordered Halo light plate with light emanating from a transparent section inserted between the pedal base and the chassis.

Flattley describes the Revolution as a “dynamic overdrive” and that’s absolutely correct: playing on it is really nice because it responds to your touch and cleans well with the volume of the guitar.

It’s based on a Tube Screamer style circuit, and an A / B test with our TS808 proved it could easily nail all those TS sounds and more. The point is, the Revolution goes beyond a standard TS by offering a range of clipping options through a three-way toggle switch for an op-amp IC, LEDs, or LED diodes. silicon.

Each of the parameters has its own attributes, which completely justifies its inclusion. The upper setting of the switch has lower output than the others and gives you the tightest sound with controlled bass, while in the middle position things feel more open – louder, looser, and steamier.

The lower switch position can be the crispest of the bunch with more compression and a spongier feel under your fingers when digging for sustain.


  • THE PRICE: £ 259
  • TYPE: Dynamic overdrive pedal
  • FEATURES: True bypass
  • CONTROLS: Volume, Drive, Tone, Clipping switch, Bypass pedal
  • CONNECTIONS: Standard input, standard output
  • POWERFUL: 9V DC adapter (not supplied)
  • DIMENSIONS: 72 (w) x 120 (d) x 55 mm (h)
  • CONTACT: Flattley Guitar Pedals



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