Erin Napier Swimsuit Photos: Best Swimsuit Photos


Hometownit is Erin Napier and Ben Napier shared their sweet romance with fans since debuting their show on HGTV in 2016. The couple have since welcomed two daughters together, Helen and Mae, and continue to prove they are the biggest fans one the other. Ben gushed over his beautiful wife in a series of swimsuit photos taken during trips to the beach.

Erin and Ben continue to renovate homes in their town of Laurel, Mississippi as a team. The designer duo met in college in 2004 and declared themselves lovers a week after their first date. The TV stars got engaged in 2007 and married a year later. Their eldest daughter, Helen, arrived in 2018.

The master craftsman snapped a photo of his wife and Helen spending time on a boat in August 2020. Erin was sporting a one-shoulder swimsuit in a pinch. Ben’s heartfelt caption really melted fans’ hearts.

“My two dream girls. I separated them by 13 years,” he wrote. “They have the same blonde hair, the same personalities, they are both stubborn as mules and neither of them will cuddle me unless it’s on their terms. I’m completely in love and obsessed with them.

The couple announced they were expecting their second child together in April 2021 after keeping the pregnancy a secret for eight months. Mae arrived a month later and they couldn’t be happier as a family of four.

“While we are thrilled to have another daughter to love, we are more excited to see the bond she and Helen will have. They are already so in love with each other! the lovebirds said People after welcoming Mae.

As two of the most popular faces in the home design network, business owners and parents, Erin and Ben have made it clear that their daughters are the center of their universe.

If we go on the road for [Home Town] To resume, or if we’re going to do some media stuff in New York then we’re going to have to take our family with us,” the doting dad said People in December 2021. “And so, that’s how we do it. We don’t fall back on our family time.

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