Electric Baby Nail File from Amazon India



Electric nail files finish the child’s nail trimming job efficiently and quietly. This reduces parental strain on the child injured by their own long fingernails, while ensuring that the fingernail is safely removed without alarming the child. Check out this list of the best electric nail files for your baby available on Amazon.

Little Martin’s Drawer Battery Operated (AA) Baby Nail Clipper

Little Martin’s Drawer Battery Operated (AA) Baby Nail Clipper ensures that your child is protected from scratches on the skin by their fingernails. The product has one-button activation and operates in multiple speeds and rotation modes. It also has soft LED front lighting and a quiet motor. The product comes with a compact and lightweight design and works with the help of two AA batteries. It can be used with one hand and is safe and easy to use.

NIRVA Baby Nail File Grinder Set Safe Nail Clipper Kit

NIRVA Baby Nail File Grinder Set Safe Nail Trimmer Kit includes three adult filing tools and three infant cushion grinding heads, all packaged in a neat travel and storage case. The product is portable and works as a 6 in 1 nail care set that works with just one button. The product has 4 adjustable speeds and it works with clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. It provides full 360 degree polishing and the built-in LED enables precise polishing and cutting. It has a low noise and shock absorption motor.

GOCART WITH G LOGO Baby Safe Electric Nail Clipper

The GOCART Electric Nail Clipper WITH G LOGO Baby Safe is made of lightweight ABS that is safe to use and works with 2 AA batteries. The product has an ergonomic and contoured handle with a comfortable grip. It comes with 6 types of grinding heads intended for children of different ages. The product has a single activation button and two speeds. It also has bi-rolling function and full 360 degree polishing. It has a built-in LED light and works well in inadequate light environments. It saves time and is ideal for home and travel.

Mama panda baby nail clippers

Mama panda baby nail clipper filter is made of ABS and can be used safely. It is battery operated and is designed with a single button. It is powered by 2 AA batteries and will not damage cuticles and nail bed. It is suitable for all ages from 0 months. It is easy to use and transport. It has an ergonomic shape, is of reasonable size and operates with a quiet motor. The product comes with soft LED front light.



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