Dissatisfaction of the nail industry with the government’s decision


THIS letter concerns the recent press release which classified pedicures and manicures, which are services provided under nail salons or the nail industry, as we come together, as a high risk industry.

In an effort to save our industry, the Malaysian Nail Industry Association (Mani) was formed to represent the people and make our voices heard. This is what we would like to express.

Understand our business

Similar to other service industries, the nail salon is an industry that takes care of people’s outlook and well-being.

For example, hair salons cut and treat hair, beauty salons offer skin care solutions, nail salons cut and treat nails.

In an age where there is a lot of talk about personal grooming and first impressions, it is essential for most people to visit a hair salon rather than having their hair cut themselves. The same goes with nail services.

We welcome many groups of clients:

Pregnant women need our services to take care of their nails and feet. As the tummy grows, it becomes difficult to bend over to do a pedicure, which includes trimming nails, cleaning cuticles and dead skin, and removing calluses.

Ingrown toenails are also something we deal with a lot, mainly caused by improper nail trimming, improper wear and tear on the feet, and pressure on the foot from sports activities.

Geriatric nails often require special attention due to age-related changes such as impaired circulation which will lead to nail alterations or abnormalities.

Diabetic patients need special care to avoid the risk of infection if they experience cuts or cracks due to improper handling.

Other problems related to feet and toenails include: fungal toenails, weak and broken toenails, corn and calluses, athlete’s foot, etc.

Most of the above problems require immediate intervention to prevent the condition of the nails from getting worse, which could eventually cause other problems in the body.

The most common solution for clients is often to remove the entire nail.

Some clients are reluctant to do this and therefore they come to us for treatments and solutions that they might not have elsewhere.

We don’t just beautify the nails for styling purposes. Our job requires us to be equipped with skills and knowledge on how to clean, treat and maintain healthy nails. This service is a must.

We put a lot of effort into ensuring the safety

We are 100% committed to protecting the health and safety of our customers. Because our job requires us to have body contact to perform services and treatment, we take Standard POS very seriously.

In fact, even before the pandemic, we performed mandatory disinfections such as wearing a face mask, gloves, disinfection and sterilization processes before and after each client, and continued to do whatever was right for us. requested and more such as temperature checks, wearing of a face shield on manicurists and clients, face shield and disposable aprons.

We have worked hard to eliminate infections from our workplaces. Having said that, based on real data and statistics, the nail industry has never contributed to any cluster to date.

At the nail salon, we serve no more than five clients per manicure per day.

For pedicure services we are literally one foot away from clients while for manicure services we are protected by a divider on the manicure table.

There is no contact with the face or any contact with the client requiring the removal of the face mask.

Therefore, it is inappropriate to classify the nail industry as the high risk industry.

We need support and clarity

According to the latest media release, the nail industry – pedicure and manicure – has been listed as one of the three high risk industries along with spas and pubs.

It was also pointed out that we are not allowed to operate even in phase three.

This is unreasonable as we provide professional services to treat and assist our clients.

We have only been operating for two months since the start of this year.

Many nail salons and suppliers have closed or downsized since the first MCO.

With all of the fixed rental costs, salaries and other expenses piling up, we certainly anticipate that many more shows will be forced to close before even November.

There are over 2,000 nail salons nationwide. If the whole industry perishes, there will be around 10,000 people out of work. The nail industry is a skilled profession and predominantly dominated by women, especially single mothers and young women who work hard to earn a living and support themselves and their families.

Therefore, we would like the government to engage with us and better understand our industry before making such a harsh decision on our industry.

If additional SOPs are required, we will be happy to comply with them. Please don’t put a blanket ban on us. We are also part of Malaysia.

Sereen Eng

Representative and co-founder of Mani

And founder of POSH Nail Spa


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