Dave Grohl explains how he explains Kurt Cobain’s death to his children



For Dave Grohl, the healing process after Kurt Cobain’s death didn’t just affect him and the others around the late Nirvana leader. Instead, restoration exists on a generational continuum as Grohl, the Nirvana drummer who now runs Foo Fighters, has to explain death to his children.

After all, her three children – among them, aspiring musician Violet Grohl, 15 – are now all of an age where they can both appreciate their father’s old band and understand the consequences that ultimately led to the Cobain died by suicide in 1994.

As Louder revealed on Monday (September 20), Dave mentions how he passes Cobain’s death down to his children in When Nirvana came to Britain, a new documentary about Nirvana and their British fans.

“I’m still dealing with Kurt’s death,” the Foo Fighter said, “because I have to explain it to my kids, who love Nirvana.”

Dave continued, “Because for a really long time I was trying to deal with it and talk about it with friends and family and things like that, and they would help me, but now I feel like I have to help my kids. to go through that. It’s a life of healing. “

Last month, a retrospective interview from a 2011 biography of the Foo Fighters conductor made him admit how difficult it was for him to listen to Nirvana’s latest album, 1993’s. In utero.

Dave said In utero “captured a moment in time for the band, and it’s definitely a faithful representation of the era, which was dark. It’s a fucking dark album. I don’t like listening to this record.”

He added, “It’s so real, and because it’s such an accurate portrayal of the band at the time, it reminds me of other memories. It gives me goosebumps a little bit.”

Dave’s other two daughters with his wife, Jordyn Blum, are Harper (now 12) and Ophelia (7). UK viewers can watch When Nirvana came to Britain currently via BBC Two on bbc.co.uk.

Newest Foo Fighters, Medicine at midnight, emerged this year with the singles “Waiting on War”, “No Son of Mine” and “Shame Shame”. In October, the group will be inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame.

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