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Danica Patrick makes hearts beat faster with her latest Instagram post! Over the weekend, the driving legend showed off her incredibly fit figure – including washboard abs – in a black swimsuit, holding a dish on a boat. “Also be a flag girl again,” she captioned the snap. How does she approach health and well-being? Read on to see 5 of Danica Patrick’s do’s and don’ts for staying fit and the photos that prove they work — and for beach-ready, don’t miss these essentials 30 Best Celebrity Swimsuit Photos!

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Danica doesn’t have to diet because she is committed to healthy living. “What I hope is that people realize that it’s a way of life,” she explained on Good Morning America. “I want them to develop a good relationship with food and exercise to not be a reward or a punishment but a way of life and something that makes you feel good and something that makes you better every day. ”

Danica Patrick/Instagram

Danica sees food as medicine. “You create your life day by day with your thoughts. Think positive things. Believe in yourself. Have good reasons why you do what you do.” Danica served at Fitness Reaper. “Eat good food because food is medicine. Either you add to your well-being or you reduce it.”

On her website, Danica explains why she went on a paleo diet temporarily — then permanently. “Paleo is based on the idea that you only eat foods that were available to ancient man before the invention of agriculture. So no grains, no dairy, no beans or legumes, no added sugars or preservatives. Instead, you focus on naturally raised meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts,” she said. “My intention was to only do this for a week or two to reset my body to less sugar and more vegetables. Well…I felt so good and saw such amazing results that I never stopped.”

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In his book Quite intenseDanica explains why she is dedicated to exercise. The book “isn’t about driving, it’s about becoming the best version of myself,” she explained in an interview with athlete and podcaster Rich Roll. “The one thing I would put down to being a better driver is that with the style of training that I do, with the level of intensity and competing sometimes, it makes you mentally stronger, and that translates ” through driving competitions. She also revealed that she does “7 workouts a week – upper body, lower body, abs, 3 interval cardio sessions and a long circuit. They are all designed to be intense and completed in about 20 minutes, at except for the long circuit which will last around 30-45.”


Danica loves to drink her nutrients. “I’m going to put three big handfuls of spinach in the blender, and just enough ice and water for the spinach to make [the blades] spin,” she explained to Delight. “The colder the ingredients, the better, so I like to use frozen fruit.” Then she’ll add a third of a banana and a quarter of an apple, “so it doesn’t get too sweet,” according to Delish, and adds a lemon to “reduce the bitterness of the drink.” “Scrape the seeds and skin off the lemon, and just throw them away,” she says. “It really helps the flavor.”


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