Colorado bans Dr. Moma’s health clinic from providing COVID vaccines



The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has banned Dr. Moma Health & Wellness Center in Colorado Springs from providing other coronavirus vaccines as part of the federal COVID-19 vaccination program.

The decision, announced Friday morning, comes after a months-long investigation that found clinic workers had not properly managed and stored their COVID-19 vaccine allocation, according to a press release from CDPHE.

Specifically, clinic workers were not monitoring the temperatures of vaccine storage units at all times and were not using equipment and practices that were in line with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the statement said.

The clinic was suspended from offering other COVID vaccines in early April after El Paso County public health officials alerted the Colorado Joint Vaccine Task Force to the clinic’s non-compliance with storage protocols.

“(They) are being taken out of the COVID-19 vaccine vendor program and we will not be engaging them in vaccine work again,” Scott Bookman, COVID-19 incident commander said Friday afternoon. of the CDPHE during a press briefing.

It is not known whether the Colorado Medical Board, which regulates physicians and other licensed health care providers, or any state or federal agency will take action against officials at Dr. Moma’s clinic. Monoclonal antibody therapy, a treatment for COVID-19, is still ongoing at Dr. Moma Health & Wellness Center. This program is controlled by the Federal Food and Drug Administration.

The El Paso County Clinic – which typically offers medical aesthetic services, such as Botox injections, laser hair removal, acne treatment, and tattoo removal – also failed to meet the guidelines. safe vaccination practices by not following social distancing protocols or clinic mask requirements, according to the CDPHE. The leaders of the wellness clinics also failed to comply with the billing requirements outlined in the CDC’s COVID-19 vaccine supplier agreement.

Four days after the CDPHE suspended the clinic from vaccine administration in early April, the CDPHE and CDC issued guidelines that anyone who received a vaccine from a clinic by Dr. Moma should be revaccinated elsewhere, due to improper storage and handling of the vaccine. People who received a vaccine there were given a list of other clinics where they could get the vaccine.

The United States has seen a steady decline in COVID-19 cases over the past week. But in Colorado, there is “more of a plateau” in coronavirus cases, said Dr. Rachel Herlihy, state epidemiologist for CDPHE during Friday’s coronavirus briefing.

Unvaccinated colorados who wish to be vaccinated should visit the CDPHE website for more information on where to get vaccinated.

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